Pushing boundaries. The stairs

It will come in time. It has helped me to talk with folk who have walked this journey . It sometimes seems so long, but progress is happening as we push on.


Yes @hollywoodbridge.hw I was beginning to think I was not going to walk. Look at me now, Master of the Wobbly Walk ! !

Welcome to what I hope you will regard as your community. You are very welcome here and I hope we will see more of you. :smiley:

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@hollywoodbridge.hw welcome to the forum. Good to see you here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well done what an achievement. I had a second hand rail put in following my stroke the best thing we did.
Once I could get upstairs things started to improve for me. I could sleep in my own bed and use the shower each day and this gave me a great lift and made me feel so much better.
Onwards and upwards.


Hello & welcome to the family. We are the only ones who know what it is like to experience a stroke and all the weird side effects that go with it (although some may say I was a bit weird even before my stroke!)

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I love Bobbi’s story.
It is this determination that counts. So what if it took longer… That’s the challenge and all the more rewarding when managed.
Just keep trying, and as you say, there are ongoing improvements.

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I just came across this thread, again.
I’m reporting in to inform that a while later, after posting here, I bought a rollator and although progress is slow, I’m now able to use it to get around downstairs in the house. I need to take rests, but my strength and stamina have noticeably improved. I had a fall but discovered that those improvements meant that I was able to get up again unaided.
In some ways not much change, but those small improvements are making way for yet more. I now feel quite hopeful about eventually being able to no longer be housebound.
Small steps and frequent rests will get me there.

Keep on keepin’ on



Morning @Bobbi. You are keeping the faith, stick with it, Julia x. Feels wrong not adding Keep on keeping on​:+1::heart::+1:


JESUS tells us to live on his faith and that what I been trying to preach gospel to his people

Another year on, almost, and in some ways things are the same.
Life goes on, I’m trying to get my writings together to put in a book,
Physically there has been some improvement, though I do tire myself out sometimes.
We have had a wet room fitted and I can get up and down stairs to use it, need some help still, though.
Some stuff to do so I’ll have to get back to write my latest in a while.

take care
keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smile: :+1:

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I bet the wet room has made a big difference for you. Without ours I would be stuck. All that up and down the stairs to the wetroom is probably tiring you out along with writing your book. As long as you rest up when you need to you’ll be grand i’m sure.

Keep going you are definitely improving and doing much more than you probably think you are.

Ann x


We had another banister rail fitted and though I’m very ham-fisted using it. Even though it is only occasional use, that has been enough to stimulate noticeable ‘waking up’ of my shoulder, along my arm and to degree my hand. I have improved my use of the stairs from just one step, one step, one step, to a more natural progression. It’s not wonderful stuff but I’m glad to see there is still scope for improvement.

As an exercise in patience, stroke is a very resilient tutor. I will learn, I have no choice. I’m still taking the slow boat, taking in the scenery along the way.

Tonight is another of my Zoom sessions and I’m working towards developing them too.

To all those on this long, long, route march, I wish you well. Wave and shout out if our paths cross. It is good to see one is not alone on a lonely trek and those foot prints I’m following do actually lead somewhere.

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smile: :+1:


I was fortunate to already have 2 rails on our stairs and still make good use of them when climbing the stairs. It is a good way of exercising the arms / shoulders. I still remember you first demonstrating some arm movement returning on one of your zoom calls. It was a milestone moment for you I think.

There is nothing wrong with taking the scenery in along the recovery path. Slow & steady wins the race as the saying goes.

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It’s two months since the last post on this thread.

I’m pleased to see that others have found this thread inspiring. I aim to regularly add encouragement here on the forum, our online community space. At times we all need to hear those words that say, “Keep it up you are doing so well.”

Finding your way here, then summoning the strength to continue, can be quite a struggle.

All I can say is that life is worth living, we must take it as it comes. There are no guarantees. I write and you read, we share an experience. There are a lot of us. We can help one another. We are marking a trail that others just arriving here can follow. Reach out.

Let’s go somewhere good.

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smiley: :heart: