Post stroke saps the reserves

Mainly because I’m Welsh :slight_smile:


Hi Simon @SimonInEdinburgh ,
Wendy is referring to my forum name that is the name that Thomas gave to the fiction village in Under Milkwood ( it looks Welsh but is of course buggerall backwards)

Rich C.


I didn’t know you were Welsh, or that Dylan Thomas had got there before you with the pseudo Welsh but I did know what your screen name represented

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Yep I’m a fellow celt and secret member of the Taffia :grin:


DeAnn, hope you’re well today,

I found & ordered my Himalayan Shilajit on Amazon ; and yesterday I ordered some Creatine, my next bio-hack. A friend also suggested I look into Methylene blue (gut micro-biome and cognitive ability) but I suspect this is more controversial

cheerio, Roland

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snap – so am i - near new quay in mid west wales – where are you

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under milk wood – and we used to breed and show old english sheepdogs – this is mum and daughter

on the right – – eppie we lost in 2018 – lullah’s daughter is with us – tegan


A long way from home (Newport) now on the south coast of England. Been hereabouts on and off since I was about 5 years old but of course I’m definately not English and no matter how long I live away from Wales, I’m still Welsh and always will be.


know the feeling -how long have you been in south of england?


Are you saying that seeing llareggub as a word in a message was the trigger that gave you Under Milk Wood - otherwise I’m impressed by your detection of what appears to be invisible because the links now seem circular

You’re picture in the woods with your old Englishs looks bucolic :slight_smile:



Filled in an eConsult yesterday morning, got a phone call for an appointment in the afternoon!!!

Went and saw an ANP (nurse practitioner) who seemed to say " well you sound ok and your stats are ok so tough it out - Which was sort of what I mostly thought = I only did the e-consult to get another inhaler because ive encountered previously the response to all e Consults is a prescription by email -

Anyway got home, started to cough badly at about 6:00 p.m. and that carried on till about 3:00 a.m. which is the pattern of it at the moment - so not much sleep = extra fatigue.

Don’t know if it’s connected but I’ve had to really bad cramps in my calves yesterday and today. They’re always lurking just a fraction below the surface but so far I’ve always been able to avoid triggering them but not at the moment the one yesterday I can still feel the painful knot when I walk

It was clear the ANP had no perception of the affects of coughing on affected side or on fatigue or any of the interaction of handling less capacity when combined with strokes after effects.

This is the first time I’ve been ill since the stroke. So I’ve learnt a bit about the extra burden it imposes but I’ve also learnt that the assumptions the medical staff operate by appear from this one example to need adjustment that they are unaware of.


Hope the coughing eases soon & you’re able to sleep better. You might have to adjust sleep times untol the cough settles. In most cases we do have to tough these things out even if they make us extra poorly gecauae of existing health conditions.

But i’m impressed by how quick you git an appointment. That’s a rarity in itself these days.

50 years and still, thankfully, counting :laughing:

well buggerall simon – thanks for appreciating our babies
how long have you and llareggub been affected -and how have you been affected if its ok to be personal

@Mrs5K I was surprised too! I thought I’ll get an email with a prescription - but no an appointment!!

@Wendy1953 I’m 3½ years post stroke. I can walk unaided for short distances on flat surfaces, but right leg lacks coordination. Right arm is ok-ish but R hand is long way from dexterous

( & I’ve been in Scotland for NR 30yrs)


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@Wendy1953 I’m 20 months post stoke (ICH centred on right Thalamus and extending into midbrain). Limited true sensation on entire LHS with CPSP in its various guises (currently maxed out on Pregabalin, at 600mg daily, which helps a little). Can walk for a few miles on a treadmill (holding on with one hand) but walking in the “wild” is a little more tricky (I look a bit like a Thunderbird so my wife now calls me Virgil :grin:). Left arm and hand do whatever they want to do most of the time and occasionally what I want them to do (but with pain instead of touch then dexterous tasks are pretty much out).


5 months for me – doing most of the stuff i did --running the house - cooking etc but not as fast but getting much q uicker – at present beginning to strim and mow the lawn - forcing myself should i say and can manage 3/4 hr strimming – and 25 mins mowing then im tired and it hurts – 1/ 2 acre lawn to build up to – but its still not me - does that sound dumb


Nope, that sounds as if you’re doing well on the post stroke journey

Well done :slight_smile:

That’s a lot of grass clipping to compost¡!


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Sounds like you are doing very well for 5mths post stroke. Mine was a mild stroke but I couldn’t even push the hoover around at 5mths let alone a lawn mower, just didn’t have the strength or coordination. You’ll be even better again 6mths from now :grinning:

But I don’t think any of us ever feel like our old selves again. You will learn to embrace the new you as you make this journey of recovery. I sometimes feel I’ve been hobbled by my brain. It decided I was too fit and healthy for my age, so it zapped me with a stroke to slow me down so it could get a bit more mileage out of me before I pop my cloggs :rofl: :crazy_face:


have a lot of grass – about 1 acre – lots of building up to