Post stroke saps the reserves

Inspiration please?

It’s a gorgeous sunny day
But I’m lacking spoons (the mental& physical spark & stamina) to enjoy it & therefore feeling guilty.

I felt I was coming down with something at the beginning of the week and by yesterday evening was coughing continuously - it needs so much energy, stuff now aches, there is a headache each time I cough now too. Pre-stroke or would not have been much of an issue

Lea was in England for the week. It took her till 3:30am this morning to get home (L.A. would have taken less time!) - last night’s sleep was very interrupted by exchanges on BR’s non performance, shared anxiety of making the ’ next connection’ etc

So now I’m sat in the sun, feeling bad about the plants bought last Saturday that I still haven’t planted withou the oomph to get on with it…

What strategies do you use to overcome (or accept) this torpa?

Ideas gratefully accepted


Well Simon, there surely will be plenty more balmy days forthcoming in which to dedicate to those activities. Last night, I began sneezing and my nose opened up like a tap, so I am in no fit state to seize the day today either. I will reserve today for being a sun lounge lizard, occasionally, going under my rock for some coolness. I still have the sniffles today, I sometimes find myself doing odd little jobs like cleaning my computer keyboard or writing lists of things I plan to do when I feel cruddy.


That nostril opening up, usually the left one, and streaming like someone had left a tap running is something new for me. It has been happening intermittently for a few months now. What is it? Why did it start? Grabs tissue to catch nose drool.


Just enjoy the rest, you clearly need it, and accept that today is not the day to be planting up (the rain will keep them going over the next week anyway).

How about sharing a jug of Pimms with Lea out in the garden?

It sounds like she needs a good rest too after last night


Seems like a grand idea to me!

I don’t know what it is with the cold, allergy, covid, whatever being passed around, but it is here in the states as well. No bueno! I think it best to take @llareggub advice…Likely it will lower the chances of the frustration of wasting your low energy on something you likely won’t finish or finish correctly on this day. (when I say you…I mean me).


Well, for me, it is now 4:35 pm, and I have let lethargy dictate my day, so much so that for the first time in months, I retired to the bed and listened to an audio book for an hour, my eyes closed and the curtains drawn. I did manage to have a quick jaunt to the shops, although my symptoms have been pretty bad today. I encountered a woman along the way who works at the store, I chatted for a while and then got into some sort of awkward debate about whether or not she should trim her lawn over May. She cut the conversation short and left me wondering if I had offended her in some way, or if I was, seemingly, overly argumentative about a nugatory subject. I hardly know the woman, and perhaps I had appeared annoyed about it, I don’t know, perhaps I was, when my head is fogged with woeful symptoms, I’m not very astute to the world around me. I don’t know why this has bothered me so much and why I have now felt compelled to share it.


Well I tried to have a snooze on the sofa while Lea had a snooze on the other sofa but it didn’t work and I think my coughing probably disturbed her so I went back out in the garden and Tyger kept me company.

He did alternate from on the table in the sunshine to the best seat with the best cushion in the shade.

I also managed to find a small job so I put two sweet peas, and then that was the hump bested so I did 2 more and then waterproofed a bowl that spilt when it froze and cleared buttercups and teasels from a snippet of boarder ready for tomorrow hopefully

so I’ve done a bit but I’ve got insufficient energy for


As for suggestions Pimms is the most appealing but we lack the ingredients, the “do a little” was the most applicable and “the sit and do nothing” was probably the wisest but the least palatable for mental well-being

Thanx all :slight_smile:


Get well soon everyone. Today is definitely a day for lounging. Tomorrow the weather is fue to turn…back to jobs then.


Sounds like you need a boost, Simon

Get yourself some Himalayan Shilajit

Shilajit contains high levels of fulvic acid and over 84 minerals , which offer potential health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Shilajit, also known as Mumie, Moomiyo, and Mummiyo, is a sticky black resin found mostly in rocks of the Himalayan mountains of India and Tibet. Shilajit’s high mineral content contributes to muscle strength and vitality . Its role in improving oxygen delivery to tissues may delay fatigue during strenuous physical activities.

I started it today and went up Selsey Common
(forgot all about my sore foot) perhaps I’ll pay tomorrow

Ciao, good luck, Roland
Ps. Shilajit is an excellent neuro-transmitter and helps with nerves. Of course I would not be mentioning it unless highly relevant.


Very pretty place to walk, it seems, @pando. I might need some of the Silly Jit!

@Simon, was that a pink flamingo in your garden bed? I assumed that was only an American ‘thing’ to do.

@Rups, It would have bothered me as well. Maybe for the same reasons, maybe not. I don’t like to feel I have upset others, if that was not my intention. Occasionally, I actually mean to, with good reason.

I know I can be a bit thoughtless when I am overtired, or distracted. It was not a norm for me prior to illness. But neither were the tears and anger that stayed with me awhile before mostly dissipating recently, or the impatience that often lingers still.

I suspect you might be a wonderful person who would not want another to feel rejected or judged by your words, and possibly your loved ones may have given you a wayward look if a time or two they may have felt that. (Perhaps I am just projecting my own issues on to you. LOL. Makes it easier for me to take)

Whatever it is, I am certain it is you trying to be thoughtful of others.


Small update :slight_smile:

Lea has dosed me with Benlyn linctus, we found a ventolin inhaler which has made a HUGH difference to how hard breathing was so I got more sleep :slight_smile:

Now (Sunday morning) Sat in the garden & had toast & coffee and after yesterday’s small start & thus proof of a small victory to aid momentum I have the impetus to do more today (I think!).


Actually, I’m having it as I type ; I think Shilajit could be worth a try for you
Start off with a small amount

ciao, Roland


Glad you’re feeling a bit brigter today. A good nights sleep does make a big difference but im sure the inhaler is helping loads too. Voughing is exhausting :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Someone discovered the gloves I used while tidying the catnip bush


Delightful … :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


@pando…I delibately mispronounced and misspelled so I would remember. Odd how that makes it easier, but it does. I am unsure where I can find it but likely online.

@Simon, call me a geek, but I am online, therefore, cats are always appropriate, and forever make me smile, … well, except when there claws are in my skin.


You have a lovely garden!

what’s the dylan thomas vibe

An fyi for you @DeAnn

You’ve taken to at-ing “Simon” recently - that is the ID of a dormant user :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum @Wendy1953

Where did you detect a Dylan Thomas vibe?
Are you referring to this?

Love the dogs by the way what are their names and are they Old English or Bearded Collie?

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