Post stroke Org

Just a quick post, alerting forum members to a YouTube page that has post stroke videos. It was tweeted by someone I follow on Twitter, it may be interesting or useful to survivors. The link is Post Stroke - YouTube


That does look very interesting @Rups I’ve bookmarked the link in my browser of choice.
Thanks for sharing
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Yeah she’s good. She on Instagram too

There’s another good one on RehabHQ.
YouTube link @rehabhqofficial

Early on all TaniaTobias’ stuff was free now the best is behind a subscription still lots of good free stuff though

There’s are actually loads of really good channels on YouTube for rehab, mindfulness & anxiety management & sleep therapy and and and

Different strokes have a lot too

Flint rehab look interesting but I havn’t bought there ‘music glove’ or the fit_mi so less relevant. Saebo do stuff that designed to support their rehab aids

So do others


Thanks for that will take a look .
I am new here had tias 2 years ago lots of them and dr put them down to stress.
I have had my first stroke over 3 weeks ago and am looking on here for help and understanding and I like what I am reading from very positive people x