Hello everyone again, I know I haven't written for a while, but I've been dealing with quite a few things recently. My father in law passed away three weeks ago and that was hard. I'm now seeing a neuropsychologist once a week and it has been so helpful, I'm on my fourth week with her. 
I was reading on here about Sertraline,I've been prescribed 50mg, which I take at night as during the day it would make me feel quite nauseous and lack of appetite, so I found it works well overnight and I can wake up feeling quite energetic. I hope this will help other people who maybe taking this medication and our worried about it.

I don't know if other people are finding this, but as I read some of the messages on this stroke forum it makes me quite depressed, when people are saying they had a stroke 12, 3, 5 years ago and they are still suffering with stroke fatigue.

I want to hear some positive news, like as the months pass I'm feeling more energetic and positive, and yes I've had a stroke but I'm still me, all be it a bit slower but I feel good...these are the things I want to hear, not that 12 years ago I had a stroke and I am still suffering with depression and fatigue, that makes me feel sad ☹️ 








Hi Jane, there is a 'Positive Quote' thread running under the Goals and Victories Forum which may help ? People have shared their favourite quotes, or inspiration that has helped them move forward in their journey, and things which help get them through the difficult days.

Take care, Karen