Positive update

Dear all,

Meeeee Christmas to you all! Just a quick update. Mum is now off NG tube, she can now swallow blended meals and drink fluid.

A speech is not perfect as she suffers from dysarthria but we have seen a huge improvement. She has mastered the act of speaking slowly so her words are clearer. She is has not started walking or  any form of mobility but she can move the affected hand and leg a little bit so we are hopeful. I saw her on a video call shaking her body to a song and she can smile a little.

I still can't believe how far she has come since October. To think she was on oxygen,tube feeding,no speech or movement 2 months ago. We are so grateful to God. I sincerely wish anyone going through this phase all the best. I am hoping to share more positive news . 
God bless you all.


Fantanstic news!  It's great she has come this far - long may she continue to improve.  Keep us updated and a Happy New Year to you all! 

I will keep you all update. Thank you!

A lovely post in these difficult times.

Mum will enjoy every little bit of recovery. It is an amazing thing when movement starts. 


Wonderful news. Things can only get better still

Dear all,

Happy new year! Better late than never. I hope you are all doing well? 
Soooooo my mum took her first step walking yesterday! I still think it is a dream! The doctors told us she won't recover because of the massive stroke she had in October. Here we are in February, she took couple of steps yesterday with a walking frame. I am so thankful! I can describe how happy I am. I will be back with more updates. Wishing everyone good luck in your journey to recovery.

Say hello to Mum and tell her how great she is.

i presume medics tell us we wont recover in order to ensure that we  take on the recovery tasks ourselves.

i have come across the use of the word massive. I expect the description to mean a large part of brain is killed off, eg the infarct is big, but i dont think thats the case. 
the infarct on my scans looks small and my disability is equally small. I gave my blessing to a trusted friend so that she could talk to others. Her opening words were massive stroke. Interesting !

yesterday i walked over a mile. After the stroke i couldnt move my legs at all. Please tell Mum. She will recover. Slow slow slow. But she will recover. Her legs were not damaged by a stroke, just the messaging system.

best wishes



That's fabulous news, I sometimes wonder if the medics are just too impatient and then give a worst case scenario?  It's very hard to keep positive if the doctors have given a gloomy prognosis, but thank goodness that so many SSs prove them wrong ?.  Make sure Mum continues to get plenty of rest, those wonderful steps will be very tiring, and she will need to keep re-charging her batteries!!  Best wishes xx

That is wonderful news. The brain is amazing and can work miracles 

A mile! I am looking forward to my mum doing this! Thank you for your kind words! 

Yes, I will keep you updated. Thank you so much.

Thank you Nic. Mum refused to accept the doctors prognosis. She was determined and positive she will get better. She is doing amazingly well.

Yes it is. Thank you.