Peppa, the pill popping pig

My wife has weak fingers and has problems getting the out of those pensioner-proof packs. I bought this kiddies stapler from an op shop and modified it so that slight thumb pressure on its head would press the pill from a flat pack.


 since this site has a bad habit of printing pix upside down I deliberately inverted that one!...Here is a correction


Love that!!!

There’s a great idea for a small business!

Yes, I did think about it. I have worked out an easier way to build the product but there is so little money in it that it is not worth considering as an economic concern. I'll just make them for friends who ask for one.


I could do with that myself, they’re not pensioner proof packets, I call them adult proof laugh

You are proabably right, I should have called them anti-social  packaging!

It's a pity they are problametic, it is a far superior type of packing to just pills in containers because they are safe from dust and dampness.