Pathways to rehab

I’m posting a lot on this forum at the moment (this forum is incredibly helpful).

Does anyone know whether it’s possible to go into residential or out-patient rehab after having physio at home for a while?

My mum’s referral was rejected by level 2 residential rehab this week as she’s too tired to handle the intensity of it, but we’re hoping to get her a physio to help her continue her recovery at home.

So we’re wondering if there’s a way she can get more intensive support in an NHS rehab unit at later date.

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Hi @EMG72
Are you asking “is there a blanket prohibition on residential physiotherapy on the NHS after buying private PT?”

If so the answer is no! There really couldn’t be could there?

What the arrangements are will vary by health authority but all will be roughly aligned to “if you’re a member of the UK population and you have a health need then the health service has a duty of care to provide what it can within capacity available.”


PS I want to point out that the support received here is from the community not the forum providers.

The community are fellow #StrokeThrivers or #StrokeWarrior who donate our time and energies and empathy and knowledge or experience of the shared journey we are all on


The support from home might possibly be wider than pure physio as you imagine it. A lot of that physio is down to the individual to pursue.

Hydrotherapy, Gym,Pain management are examples.

It is all a bit hit and miss unfortunately what is available locally. Sirona provide a lot of support nationally. The GP might be able to advise and help access.

There are also local stroke charities who may well provide something to help. I found this very helpful initially as they also provided a lot of info in addition to exercises.

I would suggest, irrespective of what might come from the NHS option, maximise any local provision as much as you can.

I would fully support Simon’s comments.
Hope this helps


I don’t know the answer but I suspect it is more difficult to access as it would require a referral from someone no doubt. I’d ask the hospital before they discharge your mum & find out what the process would be. It may fall to you to pursue funding (which may be means tested( for it for example.