Paranoia or not

Hello All.
Had a Good chat with wife and a couple of friends the other day about my reluctance to go out to resteraunts etc due to my views on Covid.
They pointed out pre stroke (just over a Yr ago) this didn’t seem to bother me but post I have become more insular against ’ socialising’.
I gave my opinion back, in what felt as a third person, along lines of ’ Risk of blood clot increases after a Covid infection and I don’t want Clots so don’t want Covid’
As an aside I am aware that if my son Goes out I stay wrll away until a test is taken and he is negative.
In Summary my wife thinks I am becoming Paranoid about this and it got me wondering if other survivors post stroke are more careful about falling ill.

Thanks Alan
Yes I have supplements now. Certainly more aware of my surroundings and one of the benefits/Negatives of my stroke is it has made me less flowery in my opinions. People who challenge my mask wearing (and they do) get short change

Hi Al , ABSOLUTELY same . My wife also thinks me paranoid , & yes poss think so myself ! Always over thought things, but now extreme. Always used to be one for family & friends to cuddle, now tend to avoid, terrible shame. Poss, brain thinks to avoid any Poss threats? Don’t know if media & news , almost over scared us , compared to the threat , some people definitely believe so . I too am conscious of my shrinking world , that I am creating for myself. :joy: . Good speaking David.

Hello David.
It is a bit strange . I know I may be being over cautious but currently know will continue doing so.
Do find I get annoyed with the We are all going to get it anyway or you cannot stop doing the things you like Comments
My stock answer is usually Why would I want to risk catching a virus that can increase risk of…
My lovely wife (patience of a saint) says now and again just say nothing.

Yes, I am more careful, mainly because I am on the clinically vulnerable list. I have had three friends contact Covid recently, all through eating out. I still wear a mask when shopping and am still sanitising my hands. Being careful is not being paranoid.

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I haven’t been out much yet but do think about the risks of catching covid more than I did pre stroke. I’m trying not to be paranoid about it but am still being careful. Once I can get out more I’m hoping my thoughts will ease so it doesn’t rule my life. I do think the press have bred this fear though.


@Mahoney thats all so true. It is about being careful but living life too. I shall still wear masks, sanitise etc. I’ve been stuck at home enough because of stroke…I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy going out again :grin:


While i do agree with you in being careful we must try to live good quality life’s. Going out and socialing is good for most people yes be safe but do go out from time to time with kind regards des


I’m paranoid, but totally in the reverse order. When I had my stroke I suffered from nerve end damage in the legs which drove me mad. I was prescribed a pill (can’t think of the name) and one of the side-effects was ‘can cause stroke’ - so I thought well I’m not taking that then and didn’t.

The same for the vaccine. They say it can cause strokes so I’ve stayed well clear. Never worn a mask because I need all the oxygen I can, just to breathe. I’ve avoided no one because how the hell would you know if they have it anyway?

And something I find really most peculiar is everyone I know who’s tested +ve has also had the vaccine. And my daughter and I, who hasn’t had it for health reasons, have been fine all throughout.

So, I go about life as normal as I can.

There is a difference between being paranoid and being careful. I won’t go to restaurants or crowded places because of the highly contagious nature of the disease. Three friends of mine have caught it recently through dining out. We also will not go indoors with unvaccinated younger people and still wear masks when shopping. I am on the vulnerable list and have had four jabs so far. I trust science morethan conspracy theorists. I do not worry about clots because I am on blood thinners.

Socialising is part of what makes us human. We socialise with others but carefully.