Painful shoulder

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Thanks the pain is bad but agree weird that the other arm.

This would tie in as I had PFO closure and couldn't lift / put strain on heart for a month. The muscles have probably weakened again. Have started exercises and will see how it goes until finally get to see Doctor. Thanks for your help.


I’ve had similar issues after a stroke in May 18, I came of statins after about 3 months of my own choice after weighing up the pro’s and con’s as they can cause muscular issues. My problem turned out to be severe Carpal Tunnel syndrome in both wrists with the pain being referred to other places including my shoulder. It was much worse on my right side, which was the side affected by the stroke, but I had similar issues with the left side. It really worried and baffled me until I had the tests done at hospital. I have regular treatment for it from a massage therapist which has helped tremendously and have now been offered surgery. It is more than likely that the problem you are experiencing is unrelated to the stroke although you should definitely get it checked out. Happy New year!


hi Debbie 

I had a strok nearly three years ago now. it affected my left side mainly and I lost movement in my left arm and hand. in the first year the weakness in my shoulder caused an effect called subluxation where the weight of the arm puts the small muscles at the shoulder und a lot of strain. I was given a set of exercises to do including simple shoulder shrugs. which actually were not that simple. they were part of a programme called Grasp. which you can find on line for free. I did these obediently every day for months. I had had a lot of pain from the subluxation. After following the program. one day I realised that I was not in pain. the shoulder muscles had strengthened a little with use. I occasionally get a mild feeling of strain even now, and the subluxation has not completely mended itself. what I do now is to try and use the shoulder in whatever way I can during the day to keep the muscles active. I think that is the way forward. I find it harder now to allocate a time to focus on exercises so I try as much as I can ti integrate whatever movement I can still manage into everyday life. I read somewhere that the best exercise is the kind you can do. i. e no use setting unreasonable goals. you will find that you have some movement somewhere. keep doing it. in your own way. the muscles will strengthen slowly and your brain will make new connections but very slowly. I still have no function in my left hand but joy of joys I am free from pain  which was a real problem in the first year. my last word is be persistent, and don't give up. it worked for me  I hope it does for you.

 best wishes 


Thanks have downloaded and going to give it a go

I had a stroke in Feb 18 (age 25) and after i came off medications i felt a lot of pain on my right shoulder. They said i had a winged scaptula and i thought it was probably because i didnt sleep well or something. Apparently it was probably due to the stroke as i had it on my left frontal brain and that controls the right part of your body. i went to physio and followed their exercises to help improve it. It has come back now but i know i will have to keep exercising and doing the exercises that were told to me