NHS Physio - 'No Touch' Policy!

Hi Nic,

Don't want to bug you with all you've got going on but just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you and your husband and hope all is going well.  xx Kay 


Hi Nic, I am only posting again because I had a physio appointment this morning and had a much better outcome. I was seen on time and assessed.The  assessment included hands on activity. I was given exercises to do at home and will be seen on a monthly basis to determine my progress and set new goals. I was very reassured to be told body is physically sound, with no loss of sensitivity on my weak side but I do have weak muscles.

I have said several times on this site that our local health authority is good. They also use this private physio service, which is based at a medical practice next to our local hospital. I am against privatisation of the NHS but buying in this service means I got an appointment within a fortnight of being referred.

I wish you better luck in future. Perhaps the Stroke Association need to head a campaign to ensure decent support for all survivors in all parts of the country.

Thank you, gorgeous one, I've been thinking of you too, as you count down the weeks until retirement ?.  It's so strange to think that by September I'll be a pensioner!!  Sadly, not old enough to qualify for a bus pass, so that I can ride around the countryside annoying all the fare-paying passengers ?.  It's nearly two years since my husband's stroke, and I'm seeing quite a few features of the stroke returning as the chemo kicks in; whenever we go out he always takes a stick now, but to look on the bright side, he's having fun buying funky walking sticks, and super stylish hats!!  And I'm having "fun" chasing after them when the gusts of wind blow them down the road ? ??‍♀️

Thank you for your message, and hope things will turn out well for you.   Nic  xxx

Hi Nic,

You are an inspiration with such a positive attitude. 

I note the new sport hat chasing.  ??????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

Sure the national team will be in touch soon ??

My personal favourite at the moment is chasing paper that is supposedly going to be put in the recycling bin flying around the back garden. Extra special trying to catch up with it while walking with my frame ??

Hang in there and keep counting down ??