News from the Kitchen

Have you had a look at the material Chef Chris King, with Stroke Association’s Alex have been putting together for us?

I am someone who has lost the use of his right hand and is now struggling to manage doing everything left handed, all I can say is Help!!

A series of videos produced on Youtube by the Stroke Association with some very talented instructors goes a long way towards aiding me with my problems. These good people understand the difficulties and offer some solutions.

Getting into the kitchen and making something is a good way to get a sense of achievement and a boost. All done at a steady pace and working within limitations.

So please, please take a look, this is not to be missed. Click the link belw, you won’t regret it.

Keep on keepin’ on
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@Bobbi i did indeed look at some of these a few days ago. Very useful indeed.

Happy baking / cooking :man_cook::man_cook: