Just want to say hi have been reading all your stories but haven’t added myself working up to it im 39 and had my stroke just 1 year ago and its tough x


Welcome, sorry to meet you. It is tough, but remember you survived, many don’t. Keep fighting.


Hi and welcome to our merry band if stroke survivors. We are different ages and have all suffered different types of strokes and are experiencing very different recoveries.

We are always happy to listen and offer advice and information. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Regards Sue


@kimmaher83 welcome to the forum. A stroke at any age is tough but at 39 even tougher to take. Hope your recovery is going ok.
If you haven’t found them already Different Strokes have a facebook group specifically for younger stroke survivors. This forum is great for advice too.
Look forward to hearing more from you.



Good evening - and as others have said, welcome! :slight_smile:

Great forum this, full of wonderful folk, knowledge and experiences. I’ve not been around long myself but picked up a few good tips - and shared some things with others.

Jump in, the water’s lovely! Seriously, here to help or just have a nose and see what others are doing or have done.




Hi Newbie. I had my stroke last October and have found everything very difficult and love the support of this group. Getting on now but everything would have been a lot easier if I hadn’t broken my wrist 2 weeks ago! Janet

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Croeso @kimmaher83, aye, it’s no picnic this stroke thing, but together we can create new pathways through communication and know that we are not entirely islands as we rebuild our lives.


Sorry to hear you have had a breakage, I had two strokes in Jan and Feb last year and fell and broke and badly fractured my wrist on the Queens Platinum Jubiless day in May (no drink was involved!)and it really set me back. My walking was coming on great but the fracture set me back physically and mentally. I received nophysio for it despite asking repeatedly, and iwasin hospital some of the time. My left hand is now not at all good but I keep battling on! Good luck.

Hi Georgie, know what you mean. Its really set me back too. Feel unbalanced with this heavy thing on the end of my arm. Now off to see my GP.

Welcome :slight_smile:
You’ll find this a supportive place.
As mentioned above DS (different strokes) Facebook is a great place to join for the same reason
As well as DS zoom groups (link on the web) there a SA young persons online run by Lydia on Wed eves everyother week at 6pm on - just tap/or enter the link it’ll work whether you have zoom installed or not
she away next week so next is 19thApr

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