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I had to look up Haiku poems - sounds like good therapy. Have you shared them??

Only with friends. I may have put one or two on here some time ago.

Do we count as friends JJM?!  I love to read poetry, but can't tackle writing for toffees, especially nothing as sophisticated as Haiku, lucky you to be able to craft those lovely lines.


We count as friends, but I am a modest soul. I wrote them as therapy and to adjust to my more limited world and find it’s riches.

I wrote this a year after my stroke, when walking was difficult without my FES machine. Our house backs onto the town cricket ground. The poems have no titles, but try to capture my mood on any given day.

I value Silence,
Especially this morning.
No one is about

In the bright sunshine,
Other than Chris, the groundsman,
And a few jackdaws.

Silence reminds me
Of our Quaker Meeting House
And its inner peace

Which calms the Spirit.
If you like singing loudly,
It is not for you.

We sit in silence,
Waiting on the Spirit
To move us to speak.

Few people do so,
But all feel a sense of calm
That helps support us.

This what I feel
As I cross the dew soaked grass
Listening to birds sing

Seeing the sun shine 
On the morning dewdrops.
I hope that your day

Will be peaceful too,
Filled with a sense of wonder
And an inner calm.

Once again I find inspiration from your posts - it's interesting to read about the different methods SSs find to influence their recovery.  I sometimes think our world has shrunk and then I read something to make me reconsider, and as you say, be thankful for those riches.  

Have a good w/end - Nic

Very moving and atmospheric - thank you 

Good day to you all.

I had my Stroke in August 2013. Totally unexpected. Due to all the FAST adverts around at the time I realised what was happening . My problem was the ambulance crew. They came very quickly. They didnt believe I was having a stroke. My brain was screaming you need oxygen but the crew didnt give me any because my monitor showed I was ok. I went cold but all I got was a blanket and sick bag.

Lucky for me I was believed in hospital when I told the nurses I was having a stroke. After the CT scan I was sent back for a venogram to find out where the blockage was.

My consultant said it was the quickest diagnosis and quickest recovery he had seen. I was only in hospital for 8 days. Off work for about 2 and a bit months. Worst bit was when i was stopped driving. Lost my independance. Thankfully I am back to work and driving. Have found that my immune system seems much weaker and i am contantly getting colds. I routinly have the Flu Injection. I now struggle with saying the correct words. Brain will go in to a freeze zone and i often come out with rubbish (new words i call them.) Keeps my family and colleagues amused.

Do you have any of these experiences?

Love to hear from you.

Take care


Hi Sharon and welcome.  I had a similar problem in that due to FAST, my husband thought I was having a stroke and because I wasn't sure and didn't want to waste 999's time, I insisted he dialled 111 who, like your ambulance crew, said I probably wasn't. They made me an out of hours GP's apppointment that evening and by the time I had seen him, I was well into the stroke and had already lost the use of my left arm and leg. The crew were called to the surgery and the Stroke Nurse was waiting on arrival for me at hospital and I was taken immediately in for a scan which confirmed my worst fears. Even when I arrived at hospital, the ambulance crew was still saying I didn't have 'true' stroke symptoms so didn't think I was having one.  The FAST advert is great but it depends on which part of the brain your stroke hits as to whether you can't speak or suffer facial droop.  Because I didn't have either of these symptoms, in their eyes I wasn't even though my arm was as limp as an old stick of celery and my leg was bent and crooked and I couldn't walk.

Luckily, I was only stopped from driving for a month and then back on the road.  I find it amazing that even in the medical world, there is much confusion and conflict of opinions on strokes in general and the symptoms of having one.  For example, my consultant was more than happy for me to drive within a month but the stroke nurse said I would probably never drive again on the night I was admitted.  This information devastated me. I remember sobbing my heart out after my husband finally went home in the wee hours because I thought my independence had gone forever.  As for 111, well... I don't really think they have much idea about anything really as they aren't medically trained. Because of their inexperience and lack of knowledge, I missed the time limit zone where I could have had the injection to lessen the affects. Reading everyone's different experiences on here of strokes just confirms how complex and how much more research needs to be investigated and put into practice.

As for words getting mixed up, we also have a good laugh about this!  I went out for a coffee today and was in Dunelm. I was looking at the coffee machine and couldn' t get the words out for a medium latte.  Luckily, they know me there so when I described that I'd have that drink that comes out of that funnell thing from that machine, she smiled and said "Your usual" - yes please!

Hi  and thank you for your welcome.

FAST is a medical 999 emergancy. I am sorry you didnt get the access and belief you needed. I am a qualified Nurse and they didnt believe me. That is really what  I think makes me upset that they dont believe me, so what do they tell other people?

Some times you have to stamp your feet lol. Believe in yourself. If you suspect it Act on it !! I now always go with my gut feeling.

You can be having Stomach pain and be having a stroke, but again it doesnt fit in with what the Ambulance crewe is taught. Not a traditional FAST.!!

I am sorry you went through so much heartache in your experience. Very pleased your showed them wrong and now you can drive again

Yes It has been enlightening reading other peoples experiences. So many different aspects of Stroke.

Thank you for being in touch.

Carry on Forward,

Best wishes




Numb arm and leg after one year

Dear Minshall

Keep doing your physio. Keep moving the arm and leg as much as you can manage. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with your arm and leg, its "just" the messaging system that is bust.

Recovery will be fastest in the first few months, quite good for two years and then after that its never too late. 




Have you looked for an exercise class, often more fun and more motivational if you are with others.

Clare has a good point. I go to a group exercise session and its inexpensive. Thats my village hall, but that sort of thing is available in many locations. Dont overllok your church. A mine of info and contacts. And no yu dont have to go to the services unless you want to !

Another place to look is your GP surgery. The notice boards are usually stuffed with info.


hi - my husband recently suffered a spinal stroke and like you he is able to walk a short distance at the moment. We had never heard of a spinal stroke only what we have read and heard from doctors - most of whom were unaware too. My husband has paralysis of his hands and his arms don’t work too well. He has numbness from his shoulders down to his ankles but can feel his feet. His symptoms are like yours. His stroke was only 8 weeks ago and he is struggling and unable to work or do much for himself at the moment.  Are you able to use your hands in any way?

caz x