My unlucky story

i had a stroke/tia in july 23 it ruined my life completely,im an hgv driver so i lost my hgv licence which meant i lost my job,come the end of oct i was fit enough to find another job i applied for various jobs every day but the middle of nov my partner left me she had enough of paying all the bills then a week or so after she had gone i got a job now the estate agents who manage the property have issued me with a section 21 im being evicted ive to be out by 4th feb even though the rent and bills are up todate they say i cant afford to live here unless i pay 6 months rent up front i cant afford that ive been out of work 5 months im 60 yrs old and come feb ill be sleeping in my car,not one of my best years


Hello @cavendish54321

Wow you’ve been having the worst time!
Welcome now we know you’re here.

On the eviction side @KGB has first hand experience - he also has an eviction notice at the moment - I’ll ask him to advise (he’s having less screen time so away from the forum at the moment)
Citizens advice bureau know how to respond to this sort of stuff as well. Also social services have duties of care

Do you know about PIP benefits & others benefits? Extra help and concessions
Tap blue text for link - Again by kieren

There are a lot of folk here who are supportive and will be along to offer extra, relevant advice

Welcome, and I hope you find some solace and helpful support here



Hi @cavendish54321 and welcome. I second the advice @SimonInEdinburgh has already given. You could also call the Stroke Helpline on 0303 3033 100 or email
They are closed now apparently until Friday, 9 December 2023. But I think they may be able help or at least direct you to where who can help with your situation.

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@cavendish54321 hi & welcome to the forum. Your year has definitely been a bit rubbish. I echo what the others have said. Citizens Advice will be able to help and you could also speak to your local council & at least let them know you could be homeless come Feb. Maybe try your MP for help too.

Really hope things start to improve for you soon.

Best wishes


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Life is very hard for you now. I understand completely. But everything will be okay somehow. Keep going strong, even though you just want to give up. The sun will shine again for you.

Do know that other people feel your pain, as they’re living through bad things, too.

Take good care of yourself.


Last month on the 13th I am was at my doctor’s appointment and almost lost my life

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Sorry to hear that @msporshakimberly. That must have been scary. hope things have settled for you again now?

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Boy I thought mine was tough. Had worked for my employer thirty two years, so many promises, living in tied accommodation for as long as I wanted. Then stroked !
How things changed, asked to leave my accommodation at end of year. But unlike you had supportive wife. Three years on now still coming to terms with it all and life goes on.
We are told to accept adjust and adapt and I’m sure you will. We will support you here, we all have stories to tell and have lots of experience to share. Paul


I had major stroke last week


Oh my word, I am so sorry to hear that :people_hugging: How are you doing now, are you in hospital or at home now?.

Hope you are doing ok & that you are getting the right treatment. Take care x

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I have hard time getting my words out and people say that they have strokes and Dietetic also laughing about it

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Have you access to support?
Speech & language therapy?

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They’re not laughing at you surely ?

You’d hope not wouldn’t you.

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I know the day I had my stroke, my blood sugar reading was through the roof. It’s scary and no laughing matter. People, even some doctors automatically assume and automatically start lecturing on diet and exercise…until they actually look at and my medical records and then they can’t look you in the eye for making their little faux pas :roll_eyes: