My Stroke, Part 3

Hello everyone, I came round after my operation in the ITC Unit, where I remained for 2 days, constantly being monitored (to the point of not getting enough sleep). I found out I had suffered a Ischemic Stroke, in other words, lack of blood flow. So a long tube was inserted in my groin area, all the way to the back of my brain. But, as I thought, I live to see another day. The medical staff asked me, " do I come from America?"I suppose they wondered if I had suitable insurance in place,to pay for the op and care provided. Well I come from good old Blighty, with E1-11 cover thank you! I had previously voted in favour of brexit, but now I'm not too sure! We're still in the EU thank goodness. You could seriously be out of pocket in future, if you didn't have sufficient insurance cover. Anyway, thankfully I could still move my arms and legs although my eyesight and speech were affected, and still are.I am also very imotional and tend to cry when trying to talk, and I also get bouts of really bad depression. I tried to explain my symptoms to anyone that might listen, only for the usual, but you're looking so fit and healthy, for a person that's had a Stroke! If only they knew. There's some more to this story soon.



Thanks for installment No. 3 it's all traumatic, thank goodness you got good treatment.  

We do try to understand, and when I read comments by yourself and others, it helps my understanding, and then hopefully I can be supportive towards my husband, and cut him some slack for everything he's been through.  


Hello NicAbella, you're quite right in every thing you've said.Its one thing dealing with anything physical, it's often forgot about,the mental side of things.As I've said just because you're looking good on the outside doesn't mean you're healed on the inside.