My story

My story

Ok so I’m 46, I’m fit and healthy, never smoked, rarely drink, eat reasonably well, occasional McDonald’s or kfc, gym at least 4 times a week, love walking/activities, dont drink caffeine, never have added sugar or salt in food or drink. In April just gone was getting uncontrollable nosebleeds, went to the GP, said it was ok nothing to worry about but I had very high blood pressure, did the tests at home, continued to be high, discussed with GP regarding medication but by then I’d made a few changes to diet, removed everything that could cause higher blood pressure, did lots to bring it down so much so the last GP consultation he was happy that I didn’t need medication. I think I got complacent, didn’t check as much as I should of but felt much better than before. I have a very stressful job though, with alot happening this year that has added to the stress, that coupled with my own stress in my personal life I think, resulted in 4 weeks ago having a TIA. Stress, eating poorly, rushing around, not resting may have been the cause, I’ve as yet not received any explanation although they are looking in the arteries in my neck on my right side.

So I went to bed Saturday night 4 weeks ago, exhausted , i had an extreme headache, feeling nausea too, took 2 neurofen and fell asleep. I was awoken at 7 am by my phone ringing, I answered it , I couldn’t talk clearly, and I couldn’t hold the phone in my left hand. Just thought it was something that would pass, got up out of bed half hour later, looked in the mirror, tried to smile, I have dimples both sides when I smile, this time no dimples, I knew something was wrong but not even thinking stroke, I quickly made the decision to get it checked out, looking back it was a 50/50 decision about whether to go to hospital or not, thankfully I did. Got dressed and got to the hospital. They took one look at me, especially when I tried to say my name, date of birth and slurred gibberish came out, they quickly rushed me in. Then over a few days of being in hospital all the usual tests were done (ECG, CAT scan) but it was only the MRI which confirmed what had happened. TIA and probably not my 1st one. Since getting out of hospital I’ve only received 1 appointment which was the week after, had a doppler scan, since then nothing…

My energy levels are low, my first week home slept 12 hours a night, but since then terrible sleep, anxiety about what caused this, will it happen again very much on my mind. I went back to the gym yesterday… only managed 30 minutes walk and 20 minutes leisurely ride on the bike, felt exhausted and nearly passed out, very different from 4 weeks ago when I was lifting weights. Hoping one day I can get back to it.

Really interesting reading the questions and threads on here, has helped already answer some of my questions, also in a selfish way and inspirational way reading how unfortunate some people have been effected by strokes I feel fortunate that I am mobile, my speech has returned although not quite clear and gets slurred the more I talk, its so encouraging to hear from people who have really had to battle back to near good health. I’m only at the start, but I think, I hope, with support I will get through this. Thank you in advance and thank you for reading. Take care all


Lots of familiar parts to your story .
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I suggest you keep reading and continue gaining context - and posting if you feel up to it

Take your meds, manage the risk factors - all though by the tale of healthy living above It wouldn’t seem unreasonable to suggest that those arent your challenges.

Everybodys circumstances are different, your progress seems to be rapid compared with many others :slight_smile:

Don’t be afraid to rest - most of us find that is extremely important. If exercise is making me feel sick nearly passing out etc would it be a good idea to try dialling that back a bit? Fatigue generally suggests that you’re using energy for brain healing so it’s not available for all the other stuff - IE your body is saying more priority above the shoulders

As the welcome post said anxiety is extremely normal - You might investigate anxiety with management of techniques :slight_smile:
Anxiety is a common conversation in the Thursday zoom sessions which you’re very welcome at from 1:00 p.m. on

Are you back at work as well as in the gym!?



Thank you Simon. No not back at work, not till the new year at the very earliest, i really dont think i can, so i think i will take the medical advice and see what my body is telling me then, but one thing this has shown me is how important looking after yourself is, you kinda always think these things just happen to other people and you kind of neglect looking after your own well-being… well not anymore.


@Trevor46 like you I was at my healthiest when I had my stroke. It comes as a shock doesn’t it. A lot of people have sleep issues after a stroke. I was advised by my physio not to nap in the day if it was affecting my sleep at night. I didn’t have that problem though. I could easily sleep 12 hrs at night and sleep for hours in the day. Fatigue was, and still is, a big issue for me.

Resting is important in the early days. I admire you trying the gym but it might be a little bit soon. Definitely listen to your body & rest when you need to. Your brain needs to recover & it does this best when you are resting.

It sounds like you are doing all the right things to reduce your risk factors & that is as much as anyone can do.

Things should improve over time for you.

Best wishes