My new Air Fryer

I stand corrected.
My apologies, apparently there are a range of devices with the name air fryer which vary considerably in price and function.

The cheaper versions just have an air fryer function. There are more sophisticated versions with a number of functions. Pressure cooking is one of these additional features. The price of these devices can rise steeply as they become able to do more.

I was mistakenly under the impression that they were all pretty much the same.

A simple air fryer, as far as I can see works like a mini fan oven and uses much less power, cooks faster and is far cheaper to run when compared with a normal kitchen stove. So it is a good economy buy.

My cooking advice was given in ignorance as I did not realise that the term air fryer covers a large range of devices with many different functions and also different prices. These functions are not available in all the implements.


I still can’t read the buttons so I have no idea what that thing does. Or the blender or the food processor. I was embarrassed to say about the microwave. I just don’t use any of that stuff. A cast iron skillet, an enameled dutch oven, an aluminum pot, stainless steel pot and pan a couple knives and a crock pot or an open fire, gas or electric or wood stove or oven work well enough. I’ve used a coal stove, but that is messy. Instant pot has been the new big thing here, but I’m beginning to think a mini fridge, hot pot and one burner coil are enough…or maybe just a pitcher of beer.

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Back in the day one was always advised to R.T.F.M.

I hate acronyms, so I will give you a translation:

Friendly (this is a substitute for a more Forceful word)

It usually works, though some manuals seem written to deliberately mislead
at which point you have to call in the Paid Professional.

Non of this verbiage does anything for Jordan’s thread concerning the wonderful, highly desirable, indispensible Air Fryer.

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@Jordan yes boiled eggs, put them in for around 4-6 minutes depending on how runny you want them, the shells are hot so be careful and become fragile easier to peel, tastes the same


Well I never …
thank Chris


I’ve learnt, albeit rather, been told to stack all my cooking utensils in one spot. I am in charge of every evening meal and can’t easily walk back and forth from the cooker to the sink, so I build I tidy pile in one area for collection.


I tend to do that anyway, it save energy not having to shoot around the room hunting down utensils. And then I’ve got the family taking a hand at me sneaking things away or snaffling the ingredients the minute my back is turned :angry: :sweat_smile: They see it a challenge because I worked so compactly :laughing:


We have to use or stand or sitting on something

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