My mum - does this sound like a stroke to you?

Hi, sorry about your mum, my stroke was at the back of my brain which effected my balance, vision and memory. Didn’t have the classic left side ect so I didn’t actually go to the hospital until the next day. And it turned out I was lucky to be alive it was that big. Again if they had done just bloods ect they wouldn’t have known it last only because it showed on the mri scan. So would definitely look to getting one done 


Hi John , I feel this will be a LONG term requirement ? . While any work is carried out , I will SOMEHOW,  try to use bath,  quiet how ? Do not know . Therefore am willing to pay for quality job of anything, to make bathroom easier for me . I am thinking also wash basin I can get my legs under ,when seated , present cupboard unit ,no good . Higher WC , (comfort height ?)

Poss like you stepping into shower ok ! Coming out when exhausted, rather unsafe. Initially thought, there might have been some financial help for this ? But it all seemed so difficult & confusing,  particularly for scrambled brain , went no further. 

Good to chat David. 

Dear david

do you have an infarct or does cerebellar afflict you differently ?

i have some idea of TIAs, bleeds and clots but i dont know much about cerebeller.



David, I did manage to get back into a bath, but you need to know how to stand to get out. It's the same method as getting up after a fall. However, once the shower was redone, I decided on no more baths.

hope all goes well.

Is there an Independant Living Centre near you? They will have examples of accessible bathrooms and kitchens.

I am 30 years living one-handed. I live on my own - work, drive, cook,garden, housework (when I have to), so any advice you need please ask.




Hi John, like you poss , tried bath , not safe , will have to concentrate on a safe showering system ?

Thanks David. 


Hi Janet , Independent living centre , I will look this up .

Thanks David. 

Hi David, I did manage the bath, but am now in my mid seventies so the shower is the safest option. We survivors just have to find ways and means to carry on coping. A grabber is useful for picking up socks and we also bought a tray for the disabled. Also had adaptations to the kitchen.

I have found exercise classes for the over 60s very beneficial. We can be seated or can stand using the back of the chair for balance. We are also encourage only to do what we feel comfortable with. The classes have helped me no end.

Thanks Boom - they did a CT scan finally yesterday and found mum clearly had a stroke so she's now in a stroke unit ☺️

Hope your mum recovers quick. Just sounded so like mine and if it wasn’t for the scan it would have never been picked up. The fast which is always advertised is never the case and being 41 I never thought on a million years o had had one.

your mums in the best place now and will have all the support when home from hospital 

Just to say that they tested mum in Winchester and she was found to have a stroke - she went in on Monday and is still there now but she nay be out tomorrow once they run a few more tests. Thankfully her GP agreed with us and not Basingstoke Hospital who said it was Vertigo that it looked like she'd had a stroke. Thanks for your kind words x

Sorry to hear that although at least now your Mum can get the treatment she deserves.  I hope if you had to pay for the MRI they refund you. I would also be writing a very strong letter of complaint to the hospital authority for an investigation as to why she was sent home with no scan.

All too often this happens.  I'm not sure what the answer is whether it's the system of diagnosing strokes that needs a complete overhaul or more specialised staff needed.  Maybe the Stroke Association could put their input to the NHS as to how many of us on here let alone those who aren't are wrongly diagnosed by hospital staff on a daily basis which has such a detrimental affect on our recovery.

I hope your Mum is feeling a little bit better and is getting support for when she comes home too. Thanks for letting us know.

I know quite few stroke survivors, including myself, misdiagnosed with vertigo but there are primitive tests they can do without equipment to work out the difference. Hope your mum gets the attention she requires and I'm pleased you persevered for her, you did the needed thing.

Thank you for your kind message. Mum came out of hospital today and seems a little better than a week ago but of course she's still going to need time and patience to recover back to her old self. She was very lucky but like most of us who have had a stroke she may never be exactly the same. I have already registered a formal complaint at Basingstoke Hospital so I hope they can learn from this.

Thanks Rup - she came out this evening and looks a little better from last week. I'm so pleased her doctor agreed to see her and sent her to the Winchester Stroke Unit where she got care and support. Xx

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