My husband had a stroke a week ago

Hello @EmmaT1974

Welcome to the best club in town without awaiting list and that nobody would choose to join .

Now you are here know that this community has many people who will support you with their empathy, experience, wisdom and encouragement.

Some of us put the comments that we found we were regularly making to new joiners in a post Welcome Post - click the blue text It will explain some context for both your husband’s stroke and using this forum. It definitely reflects that you’re feeling of fear is a common reaction.

This is a great place to celebrate achievements, rant when you need to let fear, frustration or confusion out, ask for and offer others support :slight_smile:

Can I recommend that you reach out to local services Who support carers? The medical profession don’t see the carers but your needs are at least as great as your husband’s but different. You’ll find support groups listed in SupportGroups and the following post in that thread .

The stroke association helpline Stroke Assoc’tn :iphone: 03033033100 / :incoming_envelope: is also a good source of advice for many questions and signposting to many resources

You and your son might also find 40 things to know gives a useful understanding of things that your husband may be experiencing now

Take heart and know that for most of us while the journey is slow, and has setbacks it is a positive one of improvement and can be a good life post stroke