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22nd Dec 23 driving to work went numb on right side face, arm & leg. Stopped car no FAST symptoms lasted 5-10 mins. Later that afternoon same numb symptoms but leg felt a bit floppy when walking maybe 5mins duration. I had slept a few hours on couch from 3am with head tilted to the side so thought it was a trapped nerve. Between then and the 28th when I went to Dr’s had maybe 3 episodes of the numbness reoccurring. Got sent along to the stroke ward at hospital. Got bloods taken, ecg, carotid ultrasound and ct scan. Told I had had a Lacunar stroke and started on aspirin, Clopidogrel, Atorvastatin. Already on Losartan for HBP maybe 10 years. Neck scan was ok. To have MRI arranged along with ecg trace for a few days. Told if I had anymore symptoms to phone 999. 29th Dec numb again down right side and weakish leg. Called ambulance they checked over said BP was a bit high 180/97 called hospital charge nurse spoke to stroke consultant but they didn’t want me to attend. Symptoms lasted 10mins. Luckily I haven’t lost the use of anything. Since then I will get a tingle most days 1-2 mins max mostly face and arm usually just the once. I’ve had a look around here and Google etc and it seems this is quite normal afterwards. Dr has signed me of until 28th Jan. Just waiting on appointment’s for MRI & ECG tracing.

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Thanks for sharing

Yep that all sounds very, not typical but unsurprising - Have you done the survey Did ANYONE have classic FAST symptoms

Your cocktail of meds is pretty standard too. In time you might question which ones you actually need - I guess you’re on 80 mg of atruvostatin? I guess that’s the most controversial one with the potential for suspected side effects that seem impossible ever to prove

Good to have another contributor along the more of us trading our experiences the more we all get perspective and context to interpret our own journeys which while unique share many characteristics


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40mg. Dunno if I will be on it long term but guessing so as consultant had said they like to keep cholesterol levels around 3. Won’t know what mine was till I go to the clinic


Ok,Right. they started me on 80.
I’m on 40 now because of suspected not proved peripheral neuropathy from it. I’m waiting for bloods and the GP to determine if it’s enough.

Do you take it in the evening? I was told to take all my pills in the morning and I did that for 3 years and then I was reading someone else on here who said " have to take it in the evening…” and when I ask the new GP he said “oh yeah blood pressure pills in the morning cholesterol in the evening”

The old GP was adamant about atruvostatin being the only one he would prescribe.
the new GP - refreshingly - said oh there’s lots we can always try you on a different one

I think it’s quite a balance to get the cocktail right and it takes a while of trial and error and confirmatory tests etc.

If we could have better awareness for TIAs I think many of us who are now members here would never have needed to join :frowning: Have you done the fast survey?

Look after yourself :slight_smile:
Cheers Simon

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Take all the pills in the morning with breakfast. I’m sure I read somewhere that a statin was more effective at night as that’s when most cholesterol is produced. But I’m sure it said it doesn’t matter when you take Atorvastatin. I may be wrong though. I’ve tried to read so much information.


Hi Steevo. Your experience has some similariities to my early experience of stroke over 5 years ago.
You did the right thing by speaking to your Doctor fairly soon. Like yourself I had multiple events where I felt dizzy and weak and then felt better after 12-18 hours. I continued going back to work until at a routine Occupational Health check they noticed an irregular heartbeat and sent me to my GP who then called an ambulance. I spent 24 hours in hospital where they diagnosed AF. From that point I went through a lot more hospital appointments to investigate the dizziness and eventually a brain scan showed the extent of the damage in my brain due to those earlier events which they diagnosed as TIAs/small strokes.
So hopefully in your case, the early medical intervention will give you a much better chance of preventing further stroke events and promoting recovery.


Thanks @sunnyday. I think that’s why she wanted extended ecg monitor done. I’m sure it was atrial fibrillation or something. Hope your doing ok


@Steevo_fife thank you for sharing your story. It was good that you got checked over…it’s difficult to know what to do when symptoms come & go. I experienced similar recently & almost felt like i’d imagined them. I did eventually get checked though.

Sounds like you’ve had all the right tests with the last couple due. This might provide some answers but sometimes it doesnt.

I was started on 40 mg atorvastatin but am now on 8o mg. Upped by my GP. I take it at night…thats what i was advised to do but not sure if it makes a difference or not.

Best wishes



So phone call today from GP I have to up my Atorvastatin to 80mg from 40mg and to go get bloods taken tomorrow. Phoned the hospital to see what’s doing regarding MRI and it looks like the consultant never put it through. Asked about my cholesterol reading it was 6.7 apparently.


I take 80 mg Atorvastatin - upped from 40 mg by my GP too. Similar cholesterol reading to you but now 3.8.

Hope they rush the MRI through now they know they’ve missed it.


Hopefully bloods tomorrow the figure will have dropped a bit. that’s been2 weeks since taken at hospital. That’s great reading. Hope so busy time for hospitals.