My dads had an occipital stroke

Hi @Emmajt81
Very sorry you’ve had to join us.
Now you’re here you’ll find the forum full of people who share some element of your experience needs and those of your dad and mum.
They’re very willing to share their wisdom. You need to read posts to discover what they can tell you and it’s a good idea to master use of the magnifying glass above to target your reading - see below …

You might find

Useful as a clue about what his needs might be.

Discovery of multiple previous strokes isn’t that uncommon. Same with me when I had an MRI :frowning:

Some of us put together ‘often repeated’ bits of advice in Welcome - what we wish we'd heard at the start which i recommend as it tells you about the magnifying glass and more importantly initial recovery - your dad might get spontaneous recovery of sight but it’s not I believe very likely. And…
… he will get gradual recovery of capabilities from neuroplasticity - that will be the long term and takes effort & motivation which may not be there yet.
It also tells you to go easy with rushing into physio or other stimulation because this early stage will need lots of energy being burned internally -

It is important that those around him, I’m going to guess your mum also get support so you too. If you’re like most of us then You’re in this for the long haul and everyone’s emotions will be raw and energy will decline over time.

You might find Support Groups for Anne & anybody else 1of2
Useful too

I’m sure others will drop by and say hello aoon. They’ll give you some alternate perspectives that will also be useful

Keep reading and you will discover most of your questions will have been already answered. Keep posting to ask those you can’t find the discussion on

Best wishes to you, mum & dad for the journey that you’re now on