Mum had a stroke (apparently sometime in past 12months)

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, my mum had stroke symptoms last weekend. We took her to A&E they did a brain scan and they said that was clear but she would need an MRI. Mum discharged herself as she thought that since brain scan was clear it was ok. Took her back to GP on the Tuesday he sent us back to A&E. Once there they looked again at the brain scan and said oh sorry we missed something it looks like you have had a stroke. So they admitted her and said she would have an urgent MRI. A week later she has finally had it and the Dr said it shows an old stroke not a new one and that apparently you can get symptoms after the fact. Has anyone ever heard of this?


Hi @Catr1na, not had experience myself but I’m sure others will be along soon who may be able to help. Just wanted to welcome you to the forum, although its not the place any of would normally choose to be, its a great place to seek answers :smile:

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@Catr1na welcome to the forum although sorry you’ve had cause to join us.

I’ve heard of people who’s stroke symptoms have got worse some months after a stroke & maybe this is what’s happening with your mum? I ended up back at A&E 12 months after my stroke feeling exactly like I did when I had my stroke.

If your mum didn’t know she’d had a stroke & she carried on as normal that could also be exacerbating her symptoms as fatigue is a common thing post stroke.

Or is it possible she had a TIA recently.

Just some ramblings from me. Hopefully others will chip in soon. Xx

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Thank You, she seems to be doing well it’s all just worrying

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Hi welcome Catrlina too my stroke

Welcome Catrlina to the group

Hi @Catr1na - my partner went to A&E last year with what we suspected was a TIA. They confirmed it was but also said the scans showed he’d had an undiagnosed stroke at some point in the past. Since the TIA he has displayed typical stroke symptoms.

It was a new one to me, my stroke was a ‘standard’ one, but it sounds fairly similar to what happened to your mum.

Best wishes

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When I went to a and e when I had a TIA they said it showed I had had one before as well

What kind of Symptoms does she have

Hi she has slurred speech and weaknesses on her left side.

Best wishes from me and my God son