Morning depression

My wife had a stroke four years ago. Physically well, but mentally suffers from horrific morning depression which lasts till about 2pm.  Anti depressants make her feel awful.  Is there anything anybody can suggest which will help her.  The stroke pamphlets are very general and not helpful.

Hi, this seems to be a common problem following a stroke. I had the same problem although some days were better than others. My GP prescribed Mirtazapine 15mgs which I take at night (although due to an intolerance of tablets in general I find I can only tolerate 7.5mgs) and I also take 2 paracetamol at night (a tip from another SS) which seems to combat the groggy feeling I have in the morning. I sleep really well for about 7.5 hours a night, not as much as I would like but it’s enough.

This combination seems to help me but I understand how it feels when you wake up and feel really down, it’s hard to pick yourself up again. I would encourage her to go back to her GP and get them to help her.


Perhaps counselling would help. I benefited enormously from NHS counseling by a stroke specialist.

best wishes


Thank you so much Colin and Ann. It was really touching to get replies so soon.  I am going to try a Mind self-help group tomorrow and then go back to my GP. Love Jan

Hope you get some help Jan. I came to the forum in the early days following the stroke so know that there are friends here who will give you advice. The site also has information to read which you will find helpful I’m sure.

if you have any questions post them on the site and someone will reply, you will get lots of good advice here.

Hope you get the help you need.



Well done Jan, thats a sensible approach.