Making progress

Hi gang

A mixed report with a celebratory element :slight_smile:

Over the last couple of days I’ve laid some paving slabs in the garden. Bloody heavy buggers - the council type that are 60 x 90 x 5 cm of solid concrete - I got them second hand when a neighbour was throwing them out.
It’s been quite a labour to do one-handed!
I’ve been wary and careful the I didn’t let any fall over and hit me because if it did it would break something or cut off fingers or…

It’s taken me all week to put nine down. I just put them on the soil. Hardcore sand and cement would have been too much. I did a pretty good job cool things considering they’re not quite perfectly flat but they’re pretty good

So the celebration is that I did what would seemingly be an impossibly challenging task for a strokey.

The mixed component is the fatigue today after 3 days of shifting wheelbarrows of soil and raking and moving heavy slabs was enormous even before I got up! But I’m not letting this thing called stroke win - pushing back against it is mentally hard. I had a GP appointment yesterday to talk about lack of motivation and whether SSRIs were useful and happily to conclude antidepressants aren’t what I need. So I’m pleased that this week I actually managed to get something that has been visible to me for more than a year and not done and now it is done

And I feel it’s been therapy for both my mood and my non-working hand :slight_smile:



A pic of the results so far


Impressive level of work.
That is an achievement, already

Bravo, Roland


It’s take atoll & given some sense of achievement

Pre stroke would have been a short morning!
Post it’s 3½ days! & LOTS of rests

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That’s a solid visual and tactile mood booster, that you’ve done all that work, and can stand on the achievement as well. Well done on the undertaking, no wonder you’re pooped. :sleeping:


So satisfying when it is completed. Fantastic achievement.

I’m not allowed near the paving slabs any more. When we laid our patio I was helping my husband and the slab slipped out of my hand & made a lovely large gash in his leg :pleading_face: one way of getting out of the work :grin: i can’t even blame my stroke as was years begore that. Whoops :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


They can be really painful if they hit the bone and these slabs are very dirty so if they’d broken the skin I’d had an infection for sure I don’t need anything else on top of the after effects of stroke!

I hope you’ve had years of enjoyment of from it so far we’re talking about putting something on these slabs that we can sit in and maybe have a little wood burner…

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Oh it was very painful for him but totally accidental on my part. Thankfully he didn’t get an infection but he was limping for a while.

We use our patio often. A bench is permanently in place there & when the weather’s right we often sit there with a cuppa and look across the fields. We might have had a damily BBQ or 2 as well.

Your idea sounds perfect.


Congratulations, looks good!! :sun_with_face:


That is a pretty neat job Simon all things considered. What are you going to do with trench to the of the pic…maybe a trough there for some bedding plants or herbs or both :smiley:

Thankfully, I’ve now got a grown up son to take over from me with that sort of thing now…much to hubby’s relief :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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It’s not really a trench but we may build something. Probably put a sunroom on slabs

I saw a video of a raised fishpond but can’t find it now…

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Just google raised fish pond on google images and you’ll get loads of ideas :smile:

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It looks very good indeed and you’re making great progress. Keep it up if you need a design let me know - I can possible ask my daughter currently doing architecture degree and she just designed our garden!


Cool !
We practise a form of gardening known as serendipity gardening. Put something in the ground if it lives it stays there, if it dies something else goes in. Pretty much the same applies to where the slabs fall (that and adjustment with a 3 ft long steel pry bar persuade them with minor adjustments :slight_smile: )

Other people might call the whole process natural evolution but the ‘haven’t got a clue school’ description is I think more honest :slight_smile:


PS what does your daughter think of Augustus Welby Pugin and George Gilbert Scott?