Looking for a little online support for me and my dad🤞

Hi @Natkaty
Welcome to the forum. As others have said this is the best place when you’re a stroke warrior, career or survivor to seek support and understanding and make sense of the myriad of new things that you’ll have to adjust to.

I fully support all the advice given above.
You might find this list useful too
40 things

Also are the risk of overwhelming ly long list you might also see of anybody listed here is in your local area .

There’s lots of other threads in the past of talked about something that you’ll likely to run into during the long recovery journey ahead The search magnifying glass at the top of the page is a really useful way of identifying topics of interest as they emerge and reading through the collective wisdom of the crowd

PS is an online zoom cafe every Thursday run by Louise and I. Tomorrows is hosted by Louise at 10:30 a.m. BST on https://bit.ly/StrokeThuCafes where you can chat without agenda about whatever’s on your mind. I’ll do next Thursday at 1:00 on the same link and so it rolls over. There’s a carer’s cafe tomorrow at 1:30 on https://bit.ly/StrokeCarersCafe run by my wife - is normally very quiet & relaxed and an open space to share stuff on your mind