Long time not posting

it's been a long time since I posted but I have been busy getting better. My walking has improved, my speech and swallowing has also got better. You must always try to get better never give up. It's 18 months since my strokes and there is improvement everyday. I hope that everybody in the group is getting better.

Thank you Peter. So glad you are improving. I am pleased to say so am I. After three years my balance is better as is my health and well being. There’s more work to do, but that doesn’t worry me. Hope your improvement continues too.

Best of luck

Hello Peter, 

It is two years since John had a Stroke and was making a slow recovery with his walking until we went on holiday at Christmas! Mr Clever Clogs did too much and ended up with plantar fasciitis and was given exercises and a stick. Today, I watched him walk to the pharmacy, about half a mile from here and I meant to pick him up from there. Unfortunately, I got waylaid with a phone call and watched him laboriously trudging back down the street. But he did it! A whole mile! Yippee! He was really pleased with himself,,,,then plonked onto the bed for an hour and a half! 

As you point out, there are small improvements every day (with the odd set back). Each Stroke is different and all have to be addressed individually, don’t they?

So, his next challenge is to get back dancing, lol! ? ?. A couple of months ago he had progressed to two dances, albeit at his own level. The group we belong to are asking when we’re going back so he has the carrot of company ?‍♀️?‍♂️plus recuperation ? ? in the local pub afterwards. 

Good luck with your ongoing progress, 

Veronica and John

Cheers veronica and John I hope everything is going good with your improvement, it is different for everybody but the main thing is everyone must keep trying to get better which I'm sure you are, unfortunately I can't drink properly now as I have probably with my swallowing but hey ho keep right on

Thanks john the only way is upwards and onwards 

John has cut back on drinking and usually has two half pints nowadays. It’s interesting you mentioning swallowing. I have an ongoing battle with him to stop holding drink in his mouth!! Grrr! He has all sorts of excuses,,,the gas in the beer,,,,the milk in the tea as it gets cold,,,,,. Early on in his recovery I told the GP and she referred him to the SALT team. They didn’t think it was an issue! I’m still monitoring,,,,,,and nagging,,, ?. V&J 

I have a problem with swallowing but it is improving. To start I couldn't drink or swallow food I had to have a thickener with my drinks. It's improving but slowly still I'm alive so that's a bonus ???

Well done John!!! Dad's up to just short of a mile now with his sticks, he takes it easy but every step is a achievement in my book..

need to progress to dancing he use to love doing ballroom with mum. Would love him to be able to dance at my wedding 8months he has no pressure on him!

take care