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Need a little bit of advice, or probably just an “ear” to listen who understands … after getting those horrendous nose bleeds last week, I managed to see the doctor, who tried to reassure me they are in no way connected to the strokes and brain bleeds I had last summer … the doc also sorted out my “old age yearly MOT” … so next week I have one appointment for bloods (full check for everything) , followed next day by ECG as I feel the normal palpitations I often get seem to have changed (had this many years, not a heart disease, just sometimes I get a sort of " kick" not been a problem) plus waiting for chest x Ray cos years since I had one … I should be feeling really good, but cannot get rid of some niggling feelings and I know folk on here will understand … sometimes my head feels sort of tight, like I had a swimming cap on in places, sometimes a little tingle type feeling, or often a sort of little pulse in my top lip … I know these are normal, I just can’t get over what happened when I had the first strokes, or feelings, especially now all the nose bleeds … in fact I dare not go out at all, just incase … I know this is stupid, and perhaps it is normal to feel these things, but no one else would understand how I feel except the lovely folk on here … thank you soo much for listening xx


@Ismeval good to hear you’re going to have a full check up after your GP visit. Hopefully your mind is a little more at rest re nosebleeds too. My hubby gets bad nosebleeds & they are always worse in winter.

Since my stroke i often get weird feelings in my head. They worried me loads at the start but as time has gone on they worry me less although i could do without them.

Because i get dizziness it took me ages to build up the courage to venture out on my own…that is just to have a short walk as I can’t go further than couple hundred metres due to walking issues. I now try a short walk most days but always ensure I have my mobile in case of issues. If hubby drops me in town I can shuffle around on my own as i know there’s people about if I have any issues.

Maybe just try going out for a very short walk / short time & build it up very gradually. I started with end of drive, then a couple of houses along & added a house at a time.

There are no guarantees that something won’t happen even for the fittest person. We need to live life as fully as we can whilst we can. Hopefully you’ll get through this feeling & if you try something & all goes ok then that might reassure you so you can try again.

Sending love and hugs :hugs::hugs:

Ann xx

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that’s interesting Jane - I’m a lot better with a hat than I was before the stroke. Couldn’t abide them before but, especially when it’s cold, I apreciate one now

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since i had chest infection and cold my nose bled as i am always blowing it, i have been feeling heady feel depressed since i havnt been out as i am not socielizing, no one visits

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Its difficult being stuck in the house when you’re used to going out. Hopefully your infection will clear soon & you can get back to walking again x

thanks pete was at church, didnt feel like going

Thank you soo much for your kind words Ann … I wish I had a check up with a stroke specialist… I did think of asking doc about that, so will try and remember to ask when i get called back for MOT results :slightly_smiling_face: …I can manage to hobble a little way down the street, but I have back problems and arthritic hip and knee, so will be slow. I usually go for coffee/cake/chat to nice coffee shop on one morning a week, and after next week my friend will come pick me up and yes I will have tissues handy :wink:… my husband had that one day of stroke and been perfect since , but we were never great socialises (is that a word ?) happiest at home really or out for a car ride…so lock downs didn’t bother us, but I did look forward to my weekly coffee and cake :grinning::cake:…thank you for your kind words they are much appreciated x … Val

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Hi Loraine, thank you …it is good to hear others get the tingly things in their heads, well not good, but does reassure me a bit …except this morning I was cleaning bathroom, had bent down to wipe skirting board, came up under the toilet roll holder :scream: … just a little bump and it’s a curved edge not a sharp one or pointed thank goodness, so will try hard to clear my mind of that … as I just said to Ann, after this coming week, I will continue with my weekly visit with my friend to a lovely coffee shop for our regular coffee/cake/cake and yes have plenty of tissues with me … thank you for your kind words xx … Val

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@Ismeval i m9v2 very slowly these days. I used to walk really fast so taken a bit of getting used to but any faster & i get dizzy. But at least I can move about. I’d hesitate to call it walking…more a step & a drag of my foot :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Coffee & cake with your friend sounds fab. One of my fav things to do. I shouldn’t eat cake really but shhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Have a good week.

Ann xx

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Hi Ismeval,
I had a severe hemorrhagic stroke in January 2021. I had never had any stroke symptoms before I just had a massive headache that day. The worst headache I’ve ever had in my life and then I stroked out. I am 53 years old now and Was also very concerned anytime would have any sort of a pain in my head. The brain has amazing healing abilities and adaptability to heal itself. You just need to know you need to stay positive and believe in healing yourself and you can when I was released from the hospital , I was in a wheelchair and I couldn’t even get to a commode 2 feet away. It’s been two years now and I am able to shower on my own and go to the bathroom. I go for short walks I have a friend that takes me with her to various grocery stores and stores where the floor is all level … She walks down the rows for exercise, and I walk down the rows to learn how to walk again. It helps to have someone to talk to my husband doesn’t really understand the mental side of the stroke at all, so I have found other avenues to help me with the mental parts . I found several alpha wave videos on YouTube and I’ve also been listening to Abraham hicks. I hope this helps. Please don’t close your self off from the world. You still need to get out and see and be with people.
Cathy O

I know exactly how you feel. Every time I have a headache I panic as that is how my stroke began but now I try not to worry unless there is something to worry about. It solves nothing except more stress. Hope all your tests results are good. Take care!:heart:

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@Dee1yeatmansk welcome to the forum. Hope you’re doing ok in your recovery journey?

Best wishes


feeling low today as me and hubby are arguing, he is drinking earler in day, partly my fault was trying to help to write cheque as hand isnt right yet, bu lose patiece with him as i cant do it myself, so he calls me nasty, isaid i get lonely as family are far away and the house buyer lost his buyer, so we up for sale again

Sorry to hear you’re feeling low & that you & hubby are arguing. Hope you can sort things out quickly.

Fingers crossed the house gets snapped up again soon. Must be frustrating for you. Where you looking to move to? Closer to family or in the area you currently live?

Take care

Ann x

thanks for listening trying to move nearer son ad peter dont want to drive long distances it tires him out as we drove there stayed one night two weeks on the trot . wr shouldf stay there l;onger asd we live in somerset

my family are in essex so feel isolated

Hope you get nearer your son soon. Will be much better for you & hopefully help you feel less isolated. It would probably have been better if you’d stayed longer as it is a tiring journey.

Have you tried doing video calls with your family? At least you’d get to see them even if just over internet.

only sister but she has covid so not well at all and she cant get oput to get hearing aids sorted , so struggles to hear , pete has gone to bed after drinking early

Hope your sister recovers from Covid quickly.
I always smile when my hubby goes to bed early as I get the TV remote back for a bit :grin:
Hope things are more settled for you tomorrow x

thanks for listening. just get lonely, i went on a 2. 40 walk yesterday feeling it today. might go early tomorrow as hubby dont get up early cos of drink and it takes him a long time to get over driving