Hi my name is Peter and I had a mini stroke 2 weeks ago.Went to hospital and had all the tests and went home the same day.Attended a clinic 2 days later and am now on medication.Blood pressure slightly high.Feel lightheaded most days ,is this common?
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Hi Peter @Chablis welcome to the forum. I can only speak from my experience but yes I had / still have plenty of light headedness. Have you been given BP meds? They can make you light headed until you’ve adjusted to them too.


Hi @Chablis
I think this is your first post? So welcome to the forum. Sorry you had occasion to join us. You’ll find us a friendly bunch w/ lots of experience.
What your asking about isn’t unusual but we all have variations. The combined journey is unique but the elements are often ‘standard’

If you read the scroll you’ll discover a lot of answers to questions you know you’ve got and some that maybe you didn’t know you had!

At a guess your light headed could be the meds, it could be vertigo/ vestibular affects. Equally it could remain unanswered! You might try taking you bp seated, then stand, waited two mins then take it standing. If the standing BP is low then discuss your meds strength with the GP

Ps Chablis? A node to Burgundy?


Good morning @Chablis and welcome to the forum :smile:
If you are BP medication that can take a couple of weeks for effects to settle…same with BP readings…and you may feel bit spacy/lightheaded from it 'til your body adjusts. But if it continues see your gp as your pills may still need adjusting.

This is a pure guess, Peter

If you’ve started medication for high BP then you’ll feel lightheaded because you’re not used to the lower BP. In time you will adjust and the lightheaded feeling will improve until it goes…

Good luck, ciao, Roland


Hi Peter, I would agree with other advices - please make sure that your BP does not drop when you change your posture e.g. stand up from lying. Wishing you all the best. Kind regards Kusal

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