Life after stroke or life with stroke?

Strange coincidence that I have just written a post that reflects some of your thinking above.

And The thought continues on but I haven’t quoted it all - But I noted that we don’t talk about recovering from having children or getting married We take it as an event from which life continues with a new combination of elements

There is at least a book in most of our answers

Perhaps the only short answer is everybody’s perception is different.

A quote that’s stuck with me is that " in the end all you can bring is your attitude". I am definitely of the view that shiit happened, it changed the path I’m on - it isn’t a detour - not everything is different some things are lost but the attitude should be/ is better if - it is “what is gained¿” - there used to be a fantastic post by chol dog -sadly now deleted and you and @Mahoney Have written good posts around these things before.

I’ve never been one who dwells in the past. I am a here for you volunteer and I have been struck by the difference in stories I hear from the people I listen to / talk to. There was previously a gentleman nearing 100 who was quite reconciled to having had a stroke the fact that he only had a few years left that he had a of good life, he seemed to me at peace. I’ve had others who seem to look back with bitterness. That seem to be hanging on to a source of poisoning their future .

I guess where I’m following my thoughts too is it is up to the individual how they see their stroke event colouring the rest of the years that they have on this earth. My own thoughts are that it happened, I’m not recovering, I’m not ill, I am simply living with a new set of capabilities to those that I had before, working on gaining some I used to have for convenience with things like eating and I’m putting my energies into activities I wouldn’t have had but for having a stroke