Licence renewal

Here in NZ one's licence is automatically cancelled following a stroke and it took me over a year to regain mine. I had to take a practical driving test with a specialised official. It was rather tricky because my wife had swapped our car for an automatic to help me overcome stroke difficulties and this was the first time I'd driven it. Apart from several times switching on the windscreen wipers when planning indicate a turn I passed with honours.


I've just recieved the offical confirmation that the DVLA have revoked my licence. This is due to sight problems following my stroke in December. Im not to upset as I can get a free bus pass from the local authority. So let my application process begin Im only 40 so feel funny getting a bus pass. 

Hi Lb1277,

Sorry to hear you have had your licence revoked, but good news you have been able to get a bus pass and are happy to travel by bus! Please don't feel funny about it though, you need to be able to get around and still have your independence!

Hope the pass arrives soon!

Take care


I had my licence revoked at 44 years old for the same reasons. Getting my licence back has been just about the hardest part of my stroke journey - opthalmologists give up on you and discharge you immediately- perhaps because there are few avenues available to them. My sight has improved from 75% vision to 93% in eight years, so the recovery they said I would never see has taken place.

The DVLA have demanded I prove I have improved before they will entertain another application from me. While I appreciate their caution is there to protect both me and others, I had to stop working because I could not drive. If I hadn’t had significant financial reserves, My family and I would have ended up homeless. 

In the end, I made enough of a physical recovery to be able to commute by train and work that way.

Eight years later, not being able to drive really doesn’t bother me now but it is very hard when you first lose your licence.

Keep battling to have the life you want, and it will work out in the end, I promise you :)

Take care now,


Keep at your GP  . I got my car licence back 6 weeks after my stroke . My Doctor went to a DVLA reference site for Medical Professionals and I fortunately met the criteria set down by The DVLA unfortunately the same cannot be said for my PCV/LGV licences which can take up to a year. Not so good as I'm a bus driver by profession ?

Did you have to re sit your test?

Hi Michael

I suffered my ishemic stroke in aug 20 lost my hgv for 12 months. Do you know of many stroke survivors regaining there licence, did you eventually get yours back

Regards craig