Learning to walk

Update I'm having physio and taking a few tentative ayes! Does it always feel precarious? Does it eventually feel more natural? I am 5 months post stroke!'

Yes but the more you do with there help the easyer it gets all the best des

As a new member I'm happy to read your post you have no idea how this as help my hubby had a massive stroke Christmas eve and currently having physio he got go build up shoe we hoping this would help him

Keep up with the good work you can do it send you some positive vibesĀ 

My stroke was Christmas Eve Eve as welll

When you first start to walk, it feels very precarious. I was also told to expect falls and was taught how to get up after a fall. Mercifully, the falls were infrequent. I had drop foot so was eventually supplied with an FES machine which sent an electric charge through my calf muscle and lifted my foot. Unfortunately, that gave me a skin rash.

Generally, the more you walk, the more your gait improves. I still have good days and bad days walking. I try to walk outside twice a day with my stick, but never use a stick indoors. I can walk up slopes quite well, but get nervous on downward slopes, gravel and rough ground. That said, I started off in a wheelchair, moved on to a frame and now have a stick. I do find I have to focus my brain on walking and distractions are inclined to make me stumble.

I get distracted very easily now! But always Did just ewantto feel more normal!!