Last stroke appointment

Morning all hope everyone are ok,well this week I'm week 7 post stroke ,and today is my last visit from the stroke nurse ,I have mixed emotions great news that I've come this far but aprehensive that I'm now going it alone ,is it a normal reaction ? I've also got my work well being meeting with my matron ,haven't a clue what she's going to say ,gp has signed me off for another 3 months ,got my last appointment this month then hopefully will be able to drive again ...saying all that still not had my stroke review from the hospital so once again I've chased it up busy month ,my progress is going well just the fatigue some days I wake up like I've not slept which puts me out for the day ...hope everyone are having better luck with their appointments ...just want the results from the hospital as I don't even know what caused my stroke ,hope you all have a positive day ...pippy...


glad to hear things are going well, same as you with appointments, still not seen the stroke doctor and when I ring don’t cant answers lol. Scary going alone but positive too...

On a positive note the weather is great which helps lift the mood.

take care Lee 

Hi Pippy, speak to the stroke nurse today and ask them to arrange the review with the stroke consultant.  I got very frustrated that we didn't ever get a meeting with a consultant, and until I had a complete meltdown with the stroke nurse nothing happened.  Once I urged her to get something done, we had an appointment within 4 weeks.  So keep chasing!!  Very best of luck xx

Thanks Lee weather is good here too so always a positive ...yeah think you hit the nail on the head scarey it is a bit ,just left a voicemail at the stroke department to call me if they do or not is another matter...have a good day ...pippy ..

Think I have to be a little more pushy as I need amd want an appointment soon as need to have another scan to see if the dicection has healed. One was made then cancelled by them so who knows what happens once you’re at it alone. Hope you have succes 

Thankyou for great advice must admit I am a bit like a dog with a bone don't let it go ,so hopefully I will get on their nerves so much they will sort appointment out ....I've got a list ready for the stroke nurse ,poor girl !! Just got to get all my questions fears everything out as it's the last one with them ...not too sure how the work one will go will keep you upto date with my progress today ,well I'm hoping I get somewhere ,have a good day ...pippy..

Yes afraid you have to keep pushing as the more you sit back you get forgotton about ...if ihave no luck by lunchtime I will ring consultants secretary,I'm on a mission lol hope you get somewhere too ..pippy 

Hi just had my last visit from the stroke nurse ,even thou she's not coming out to me now I'm still under them so I can contact them if I need advice or something which is good ,she's going to chase up appointment too ?

Good news ☺️. On your advise I just rang the stroke nurse who is going to chase up my appointment 

Good news I've just phoned and spoke to my stroke co ordinator,she remembered me from the hospital ,not sure if that's good or bad lol,but she's chasing it now ,she said there wasn't even a appointment made yet ,which was lucky I phoned because I could of been waiting forever ,...seems like we have to keep going ..give it a day then ring again if you've not heard anything best of luck ..pippy ...

I had my third tia  I've had no visit from community stroke team had a neck scan waiting for the result my gp has told me the community stroke team won't kick in until they've  had the result I think it's a post code lottery and a case of  helping yourself