Just realised Not using arm

Hi all just wanted a bit of advice recently I have just noticed that I’m not using my left arm very much. I can use it and it does move how I want it to but, I just tend not to. I hold it up by my side when I am moving around the house or standing. I have
left side Hemonopia vision loss and am 4 years post my strokes, I have read a bit about neglect and wondered if it might be this and need to get back to using it again as I did before. Any advice please I don’t want it to become a habit. I don’t know why it’s taken me four years to realise! x


Hi @Elle1

Have a look at NeuroPlasticity as the ENEMY!

Yes, learned non use is an invisible seductive invasive force that you have to fight against and rebuild the habit of use otherwise non use is reinforced and then unable to use becomes a factor

This is part of what I’m thinking a peer support group would help with…



Hi Elle,

It’s great that you have spotted this ; and you have spotted it for a reason. I use my affected arm / hand to eat breakfast ; that’s a rule, not because it’s easy, it isn’t, it’s hard (because I cannot feel much). So it’s a case of “use it or lose it.” And remember that things compete for real estate in the brain, so you need to reserve the space (in your brain) for your left side, or it will decline… I use dumbbell weights, hand grips, a pole, etc. to give my affected hand things to do. I have been neglecting it a little because I have been prioritizing foot & leg.

Good luck, Roland


Thank you @pando and @SimonInEdinburgh for your replies, the realisation scared me a bit to be honest , mostly because it has taken so long to notice and also because it brings home the fact it’s affected a lot more of me than my vision. Which is enough to cope with on its own. I’m so self conscious of bumping into things that I think I tuck my arm away so I don’t Knock it. This I think has got progressively more as I have adapted to life with reduced vision. I will continue to adapt but also try to remember I have an arm too😄 thanks everyone this forum is such a support


Understandable, Elle

just set some time aside, and you’ll instinctively know what to do
here’s a clip of me exercising my affected foot (but I used to do this exercise with my hand)

ciao, Roland


Hi @Elle1 I noticed a few weeks ago that my affected arm had starting hanging as it did when I had my stroke. This only started recently & I’ve no idea why as like you it works perfectly well (frozen shoulder aside). For me it is worse 1st thing in a morning & when i’m fatigued but I now try & consciously ensure I move it as soon as i notice. I do use it at times through the day as required.

Now you’ve realised hopefully you can stop it happening.

Best wishes



Thank you so much for the replies I will keep trying to move and feel it’s a good thing that I have noticed it. Hopefully now I can do something about it before it I stop using it x