It’s one of those days

I always find your musings have a element to pay attention to whether it is serious or (apparently) ‘flippant’ sentiment

My own thoughts are that as a survivor, or indeed any flavour of stroke warrior there is a grieving process that needs to be worked through. Each stage enables the next. They are sometimes expressed as a shock anger rejection/resistance, acceptance, helping (that last a cheat to make the acronym into SARAH)

I would view be grateful if you shared some more of your reflections with aspects of the denial or lack of recognition of the shock, dealing with the shock and moving on.

Of course I completely understand if that takes energy that you don’t have away from marmalade making and baking etc or that you simply wish to keep it private

I will borrow " keep on keeping on"


Not sure what my stroke was scored but I was told it was severe taking out my sensory and motor cortex s


It probably was at least a 25/42. My mother’s was a 17/42.

I hope you are doing better. Keep on making improvements.

Are you still making breakfast for yourself, by the way?

Take good care.

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Thanks Matthew, I’m not much changed from the spell in hospital one month in total, until the brain repair finishes and fine muscle control returns to my left side, I’m just doing the best that I’m able, left arm dead, left leg might as well be a piece of woood, thankfully my brain works and speech is unaltered, some bonuses.

It will take more than the three years of recovering to get me fixed , expecting 8 to 10 years unfortunately. Most of my friends at the stroke association that are back to normal have had 8 years plus getting welll by living normally eating well and resting properly.

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It is great that you have your mind and speech. So, you’ve had very little negative effects on your memory, cognitive abilities, etc.? That’s wonderful for someone who’s had a severe stroke.

My mother had severe emotional issues that never improved over time. She recovered very well physically after 1 year. She walked like a normal person with full use of her hand (a little weakness). Her balance, reflexes, memory and speech were all excellent. The stroke really took her emotional state. She lost some of her rational side as well as time went on. Strokes affect everyone differently.

Well, you have to keep hope that things will get better for your affected side. I think things will improve year by year, if you keep the right mindset.

Take good care.


The physical recovery in a year is outstanding my friend got his memories back after 8 years so expect a long slog with her other challenges.

Wishing you all the love and good fortune for the rest of your recovery.