It’s one of those days

Looks like my plans to wash the car are on hold my only good arm is in need of a rest after yesterday

It’s made me reflect on how limited my life has become since the stroke as I days gone simple tasks like this were done in good time without help or half shout preparing, maybe some day when my limbs function properly again. . All taking too much time to recover, not happening to my design, blast it


@mrfrederickson you were busy yesterday so not surprising you need to rest today. A lot of us have the same when we’ve been busy. One of the frustrations of stroke. Try not to beat yourself up though & focus on all you’ve achieved recently instead.


Yes I know but a lot of it is coping with being disabled not my body or brain repairing that is my problem



I too have a long way to go yet, but reading about your activities is inspiring and does ring a bell for me.
I think the more you do, the more you find you can do.

As ever,
Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :grinning: :+1:


@mrfrederickson I think the tasks you perform bring us all hope in our journeys together. We all live vicariously in the activities of our members. I enjoy your posts.
Just a thought: Are you doing your activities slowly and with attention? My therapist told me not to do things as if on automatic pilot as if I was the same before my stroke.
Keep at it and follow Bobbi’s slogan.


Are we married my wife says the very same. Hahaha.


I call it a new way of learning, ie. learning what my limitations are and planning accordingly.


Your wife sounds very sensible :grin::grin:


Will do Bobbi don’t want to sound to negative but some days I think of all that I love doing and cannot at present and it saddens me because I had such a useful existence before the stroke now feel useless. And pain ridden.


Yes true a hard realignment but the only way forward.


Yes she is a wonderful woman and I would be lost without her.


My mother always said she felt worthless. She used to say quite a bit, “I’m just a worthless lady in my 70s”. I used to get so upset when she would say this, but over time, I just accepted it. She had every right to say how she was feeling, even if I didn’t like hearing it. I wasn’t the one who had the stroke – she did! She couldn’t get better, and that’s okay, too. She recovered very well physically after 6 months to a 1 year (walked normally; never had pain; great reflexes and balance; almost full use of hand/arm, etc.), but her mind was a complete mess. She also started to think very irrationally over time. They said it was post-stroke regression + PTSD.

My mother would have never dreamt of going on a stroke forum, even though she wasn’t bad with technology. Her apathy and confused mental state wouldn’t have allowed her. It’s all very funny: my mother was much worse mentally than you all, but her physical issues were pretty much all resolved after 1 year (80-90% recovered). I chalk it up to her stroke only being a 17/42 on the Stroke Severity Scale, but who knows? Whatever the case, her mind went from it, so… No one comes out of a stroke unscathed.

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Thanks I’m glad she recovered I’m short on patience and want to be doing my old previous life’s work again so not ptsd more minor grief and acceptance.


HI @Matthew1798

please can you tell me what this is?

17/42 on the Stroke Severity Scale





How are you today?

Yes, the Stroke Severity Scale is a numerical assessment of someone’s stroke severity. Anything at 21 and above is considered severe. It’s not the be-all, end-all in stroke assessment, but rather a tool used to make prognoses, etc.

It’s not mentioned in my link, but I believe that 25 and over is considered a massive stroke

The NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS) (

If you have more questions, just ask me. I will do my best to answer them.

My mother had a moderate-severe stroke (brain bleed), by the way.

Please take care.


I’ve been thinking about what’s been written on this thread and comparing that with my own experience.
I just realised something I hadn’t thought about before. Yes the effects aren’t easy to cope with, the struggle to recover is hard, but behind all that is something else.

I just realised I’m suffering from shock and have been for the eighteen months since it happened. It is like a sledge hammer blow, something it is difficult to come to terms with.

Its not just the non-functioning bits, they are a real nuisance, but it is the numbness that comes from being totally removed from how things were.
I’ll have to meet each day and what it has to offer in the best way I can. I’ll just have to come to terms with this life.

Keep on keepin’ on
There will be a brighter day.
:writing_hand: :smiley: :+1:


Yes, Bobbi, you are absolutely right in what you say. It is a shock to the caretakers as well. It is so hard to see our loved ones in such a condition. We feel totally helpless. My dad and I had our lives turned upside down. We never knew what was coming when we took my mother home from rehab. Taking care of a stroke patient requires tremendous love.

I am still in shock about my mother’s stroke. I still can’t believe it happened to her over 2 years ago. Seems surreal at times. She was never the same again, despite making a beautiful physical recovery.

I believe in my heart better days will come for you all on here. The sun will get brighter somehow.

If you want to ask me anything, please do. I have very intimate experience with post-stroke life with my mother…


It will come for you too, you’ve had a “double whammy” as they say, your mum’s stroke and then her loss :people_hugging:


Just had a conversation with my housemate and he has been with me through my 10 month (22 Sep will be 10) and I said well life isn’t quite as I expected JP and it’s not that easy at the moment.

He said “well I don’t think the average person thinks life is easy”

So I said “well the average person at 45 hasn’t had 3 strokes in 3 hours”. He said fair enough


Wow - I cannot believe that I am just a 19 after 10 months.

I’m going to say to everyone again I and so ******* lucky to have walked away with a 19 on that after 3 in 3 hours.

My good god (well the great polar bear in the sky for me) - I now just feel bad for all my moaning on this forum!!

Love you all - stay cool like a polar bear!!!

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