Hello @Russ23 and wife
I wanted to add my welcome to those above & to endorse everything they said.
You have landed amongst the crowd of people who do actually understand what’s going on and much more importantly have the big picture in all its complexity. That’s in contrast to medical staff who often have a piece of a picture with great detail but don’t understand the whole .

A piece of That picture, I think is that carers are often overlooked. I suggest you should reach out to all the support services you can find and use them. You’ve got a long journey with many things you won’t have thought of yet. Also it will add a struggle to all things - starting & ending with relationship and expanding outwards & inwards for all concerned

Your mum would probably endorse some of the points in the following list if she knew of it and was able to. It’s here

You probably have a lot of anxiety about the future at the moment. One thing that might be a source of hope is the info that she has been discharged after a week and “massive stroke” sound contradictory and short stay would suggest a stroke with less impacts. Of course I’m not medically trained and know nothing of your mother’s circumstances. Many of us here didn’t have a massive stroke and we’re in hospital for a month or more - sometimes many months, those without an extended stay generally got off lighter (?)

This forum is full of people’s journeys, specific questions with answers, plus discussions on different topics like eating sleeping toileting/grooming, noise and bright lights, medication and a myriad other things that you can find with magnifying glass at the top of the screen. This community is also full of people who are here when you want to ask, share, celebrate, clarify, rant or pretty much anything else .

I think and I’m not sure this is universal but the only certainty(?) is that it’s a long road. There will be progress every month if there is effort behind making that progress. The effort can be very hard to bring to focus and as the 40 points I shared above start to highlight need to be nurtured not forced

I wish you good luck on your journey. Continue to read and share