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Hi, I am new to this forum which I found whilst looking for help and advice that I don’t seem to be able to access through face to face NHS routes.
I suffered a stroke back in November 2021, and the emergency care I received was outstanding as always from the NHS initially via our local A & E department . Thankfully it was not as serious as it could have been. It was an ischaemic stroke on the right side of my brain thus left side facial droop and related speech issues, left hand dexterity issues, and some spacial awareness issues around that side too. Tiredness and fatigue were the main issues (after some initial problems swallowing) The recuperation assistance I received was great but very short-lived. It felt that as soon as I reached an acceptable level I was able to be ticked off their list. I was determined to get back to normal (whatever that was) and mistakenly in hindsight, thought on numerous occasions that I was there. I just wanted to be me again.
I’ve not had great support from my GP in respect to this as again I am seen to be doing OK. I was referred for a six week online CBT course which was great but emotionally things are still very unstable.
No doubt the tiredness leads to the increased irritability and frustration (which is not good on a personal level) but it has led me to retreat into myself than risk tackling things head on.
From reading around on this group, I realise that there are so many varied issues resulting from strokes but this question around ‘getting back to my old self’ is common to many.
I look forward to being able to be part of and share experiences with the group.



Hi @MurrayGreig
Welcome to the group.

As is oft’ repeated no two strokes of the same but as is less commonly said many folk admitted to the ranks of stroke warrior have similar events and experiences on an all together similar path.

I recognise many of the aspects of your journey; especially the experiences of NHS and medical 'professionals’. I would summarise my experience as dealing with a whole bunch of disparate, detached ‘experts’ in narrow fields while I had a broad need with complexity through to the interactions of all the factors from relationships to secondary and tertiary effects like over stressing my unaffected hand because it has now assumed all the responsibilities for the manipulating the world that had previously been shared by two hands.

Hopefully you’ve realised from reading around that there’s a lot of background information here. Possibly you also identified the magnifying glass at the top of the page as a search tool and with that you can identify topics that occur to you as being relevant and explore what others have discussed and that might give you some context for future discussions with the medical professionals or more likely judging from the date you quoted of your stroke to inform your own post stroke capability development program.

Welcome again and we all look forward to sharing thoughts on our unique but shared journeys



Hi, sorry to hear that you have suffered a stroke. Welcome to this forum, we are a merry band of stroke survivors who are always here to offer some words of wisdom and advice. As you will see every stroke is different as is everyone’s stroke recovery path. Please feel free to ask for help if you need to or just have a rant or a moan.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Good luck with your recovery.

Regards Sue


Hi lorraine here, totally relate to everything you’ve said here. My stroke was january21 and exactly the same type with the same out comes . I also have insomnia so sleepiness and fatigue combined and still no better . Just keep hoping will gdt better in the end . Also people think your fine because you have no physical signs. Good luck and lets hope we al get there eventually.


Hi @MurrayGreig, welcome to the forum, it good place to be with many fellow stroke survivors willing to help and advice any way they can.
Recovery from stroke is hard on the body, a heavy drain on the nutrients in the body. And of course, being tired and fatigued does naturally affect your mood/temperament.
I don’t know if you’ve already tried it but a nutrient boost can alleviate that by taking a daily multivitamin, maybe 2 a day for the first week. It can take up to 6wks to feel any noticeable effect from them; it’s worth a try.
I think think any of us have gotten back to out “old self” and I don’t think you can. Stroke changes you and I think there will always be some residual effect remaining to remind us we haven’t entirely got off scot free and to be mindful of that.
In actuality you are introducing the new mark 2 version of MurrayGreig, repaired, reborn and learning to live again. It’s easier to go with it and accept the new you than fight for what you can never get back, because really, you don’t need it…at least that’s what I’ve discovered of me :blush:


@MurrayGreig welcome to the forum although sorry you’ve had cause to join us. I had my stroke around the same time as you & despite having come a long way i’m not the person I was pre-stroke. Frustrating but I’ve now accepted i won’t be. Doesn’t stop me working towards it though. Thank you for sharing your story. Look forward to seeing more from you.


Hello. I hope you will find some of the same things here that I have found. Great information, thoughtful responses, kinship, and hope. I also hope you will stick around. You may be here to find help, but you will also most likely say something that is helpful to someone else. Best wishes on your Journey. Mine was in August 2021, a little before you. I am much better, when I look back. I have to remember to do that on occasion, and I have finally decided I have to look at myself as a new and improved version of the former me. I am beginning to like her better than the old me.

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Welcome Murray,from reading through your post you seem to have similar problems to me.
I was told I’d have to do my councelling online but I insisted on face to face as I feel uncomfortable on the phone or online with the time constraints and my stuttering and struggling for words,I’m now seeing a councellor with icope.They seem very good,I have a list of services like this for all over the UK that I was sent by a professor at Oxford who specialises in stroke therapy’s.Ill try and work out how to post the list on here as soon as I can.Sending love

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Does anyone know how to move a document from files on android phone and post here please my brain is just not tuned to doing technical stuff,it’s a PDF if that means anything to anyone.Thank you in advance

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Hi @Justin

You should be able to click the upload icon and use the file explorer to choose the document you want to upload. The icon looks like this:

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I tried copy and paste that’s about the limit of my knowledge,but to no avail.But thank you

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I’ll give it a go, thank you


Can’t find the icon anywhere in my text box(it may be there but I can’t see the trees for the woods😂I have a friend coming round later I’m gonna ask them to look as my head’s swimming at mo

No problem @Justin.

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The icon is actually on the bottom right side of the text box opposite the Reply button.

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I’m pretty certain this Forum can not host PDF files.

A possible solution would be to create a free account with a hosting site such as:

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@bobbi’s suspicion is correct at least from my reading of the discourse wiki. AND the admin settings that are imposed

See How to attach a PDF file? - support - Discourse Meta

It works be useful if the setting were changed and seems not to have down side. The allowable file size might need to be set to something sensible the above discussion shows it being increased to 4 megabytes so I’m guessing it defaults to something fairly low
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