Introduction and Story

No don’t know why just unlucky,i havent had any other attacks so i think i’m luckybreally,i had a couple ofvfurther mri scans butveverything ok x

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Oh i forgot to mention i had a heart monitor fitted for two weeks but it didnt show anything wrong,my blood pressure was very very high so i think thatz what caused it.x

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Back to check in and update:

1 calender month has past and I can now officially drive again :blush:

I informed the insurance company who marked it on my documents but informed me that my premium won’t be increased by this.
I’ve made a few small close trips to the supermarket or to drop one of the kids at a friend’s house for tea.

I haven’t heard anything back from the 72hr ECG holster so can only assume all was well here.
When I was discharged I was informed that there wouldn’t be a need for a follow up scan as they just expect the artery to heal itself however last week I received a call from the discharging doctor to say the consultant has said they will do more scans and today I got my booking letter for a MRI head and neck and MRA neck TOF.
Feel a little discombobulated that one minute it wasn’t necessary but the next it will now be done, but also happy that I get another check up.

The neck, head and shoulder pain comes on now when I overdo things a little through the day, I use it as a guide to tell me when I’ve had enough.

My GP asked if I’d speak to some medical students who were looking for learning on strokes so I had a 45 minute session chewing the fat with 6 really lovely ‘Doctors to be’.

Anxiety? Yep still there but only when the lights go out and I’m left to my own thoughts, so I have a technique of staying up watching telly until I fall asleep without realising it, this is ok for now but not sure how this will fit in with life when I go back to work.

I have a meeting with work to discuss ‘what next’ I’m not being rushed to get back so that’s a huge relief for me, I suppose it must be so hard for people who don’t get paid when off work or when management put pressure on.

I have recently found out via light excercise that I have also lost the ability to dance, if I have to coordinate my leg in rhythm with my arm it’s a no go! Funny to watch though if you like a giggle.

Anyway, just thought I’d pop in and offload a bit.

I hope you are all ok in the best way you can be
Stay Safe


@GemA thank you for sharing your progress. I’m really pleased for you as you seem to be progressing well. Returning to driving is a big thing - well done.
It was weeks before I heard anything from my holter monitor so it may be too soon for resukts yet but I imagine if anything too bad had shown up they’d have been in touch.
Good that you’ve found a way of controlling your anxiety for now. As time moves on you may find it eases so won’t need to worry about how it fits with work.
Good they’re doing more tests. It’ll be good to know you’re healing ok.
Keep going you’re doing amazing.

Best wishes

Ann xx


Well done,driving will give you more freedom,i will be getting behind the eheel as soon as my foot and ankle allows,everytime i try to start driving again i end up doing something daft and not being able to, but i’m determined to do it…i used to stay up at night but eventually got too exhausted so i went to bed and read my book until i was tired then started to go to bed a little bit earlier every week and read then eventually it worked i could go to bed at an normal time read for twenty minutes then sleep well. It will get easier. Good luck.Bernadette.x


Seems you are making steady progress, trying to avoid getting wet those anxiety gremlins. I’m pleased that you can have a laugh at your symptoms, I often chuckle when I knock into things and cause a harmless mess. Tai chi is useful for getting some coordination back as it is precise and controlled. Fatigue is an indicator that the brain is still injured and healing, we may feel like we’ve ironed out some creases but fatigue reminds us that the damage is still there.


What a brilliant post - @GemA !
That is sooo positive and for you to go and talk to trainee Doctors is very impressive!!!
Well done you! :+1: