In a good place

Hi Everyone,

I consider myself a very fortunate person as I have survived a tia stroke that came completely out of the blue. I had excellent care in the hospital and thanks to my family and their very quick FAST action at the time a serious life changing event was prevented. It took me 2 months off work to get to a state where I was able to go back to work which was probably the most distressing time as I had not been in my new job for more than 8 months. My work mates have been extremely supportive and continue to be so. Plus getting back behind the wheel of my car was a huge acheivement. I was very lucky not to have any permanent disability except a slight weakness on the left side. I suffered with extreme tiredness and still get tired but know when to take it easy and rest. I am pleased to say that I am still able to go camping and cycle with an e-bike, this is great as I can cycle without getting too tired and worn out.

I have moved into a sheltered housing scheme which gives me and my family peace of mind should anything else happen to me. Plus it's nice to have other people around me on the social side. I find that I still become over emotional but now know when this may happen so am able to deal with it better than I was to start with.

I wish all those of you who have been in this position a speedy recovery and hope you can get back to your normal self. If like me I often wonder what that is!


Sandie, Thank you for your post. It’s good to hear of your progress and that you can still do things you enjoy. The  good think is that you recognise post stroke fatigue and know how to manage it. I wish you well.

Hi Sandie

Thank you for sharing your story, it is good to see that you are managing your TIA and that you were able to get back to driving, as well as having a supportive workplace.

Take care