Immense guilt

To be honest, if it were me in that bed, I would have wanted to go, at that age of 81!

If by miracle of miracles she’d recovered, that kind of recovery takes a couple of years or more, it takes a lot of strength and stamina and takes a lot out of you just to get there. What other illnesses and ailments would befall her along that road to recovery, in an already weakened state.

And you never fully recover, even from a mild stroke such as mine. I’m 61 now, if that was me at my current age, I’d be up for it, I’d be prepared to fight on, but not at 81! I wouldn’t want to spend 2/3rds of the remainder of my life in and out of hospitals and doctors surgeries.

So, who would you really have been keeping her alive for? What would her quality of life be like if she recovered, in a care home perhaps, sleeping between meals, aided to bathe and bed. She certainly wouldn’t be up and about and just nipping down the shops for a loaf of bread now would she!?
These are the things you need to consider. This was her time to go and you did right by her and God Bless you for that! :slightly_smiling_face:

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