Im new to this

Hi my first stroke was on 30th Nov 2022, i was out on a shooting estate working my picking up dog, we had returned for lunch when i collapsed, no pre warning.
I spent a week in hospital where i was recovering well.
In Jan 2023 i took my 2nd, this left me back to square 1,this time everything is taking longer my speech has been affected and my right side.
I have weights to strenghen my right arm and leg and i am using a grip strengthening device.
All purchased from our local decathlon store.


Hi, sorry to hear of your stroke but welcome to this forum. We are a merry band of stroke survivors of varying ages and all very different types of stroke and on different roads to recovery. There is always someone here
to offer help and advice if you need it or if you just want to have a rant or a moan, we all feel the need at some point in our recovery journey.

Look forward to chatting with you when you are ready to join in the chat.
Regards Sue


@spwilloughby hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had 2 strokes. How frustrating when you think you’re doing ok then end back at square one.

Recovery can take longer than we would like & patience is required. I’m sure you’ll do ok though. You seem to be doing good things to help.

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Best wishes


Hi @spwilloughby

Sorry to read that you’ve had a need, (or two!) to join us. it’s the best of clubs, and with no waiting list!!

You’ll find the crowd here welcoming, knowledgeable & always empathetic. You’ll get perspective by reading and searching the categories, threads & posts. This is a good place to ask questions, celebrate achievement, rant when you need to and share journey.

Does “to trade” and “took my 2nd [stroke]” suggest Scottish?

@spwilloughby Welcome to the forum I am sorry to hear about your 2 strokes. I do hope you find comfort and reassurance both in your private life and your life on this forum. Very best wishes for your progress.

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Welcome to the forum @spwilloughby . Sorry you’ve been hit with strokes but glad you found the forum for help and advice.

Good luck with your continued recovery.

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