I see more forum changes have been made

So not only have we lost from the menus “my posts”

Which by the way you can access with the URL
https://onlinecommunity.stroke.org.uk/u/YourScreenID/activity or from yr avatar

And we’ve lost the “users” menu entry which you can access with the URL

But at some point recently we also lost the “site- statistics” pane from the about page.

I don’t (yet) know if it’s possible to get to that with a URL because it runs some ruby code

Add to that that the edit history disappeared a couple of months ago,
The requested likes limit for TL3’s was never raised for example to the level given to TL 4s

that the promised consultations have never materialised…


It concerns me that there are only 43 users here, and the vast majority have not visited at all in the past 3 months. I thought the idea here was to help those with stroke get answers and help with recovery, but it still looks more to me like fundraiser, which I don’t have a problem with that if it is actually for research and education about how to recognize stoke, prevent it, and live with it. I don’t have nearly as much faith in that as I used to. I am glad there are those of us still here in the hopes of helping others, but I simply am not altogether sure it is worth my time anymore. That is very sad.


I meant also to say the link to badges has gone too but can be accessed from


Not sure what your “43” is?

There a 54 ‘Regulars’ according to the statistics returned from badges but I don’t recognise over half the IDs so I’d guess they are lurkers. Some aren’t active from the last_seen so maybe manually imported and abandoned & not ‘earned’ by contributions made.

There are 6 id’s reported as Leader and five of those I would vociferously argue don’t even count as participants in any guise. - 2 are unviewable :frowning:

There are 300 members and 26,400 ‘basic’ users. ‘Users’ reports 4579 - I have a long said these statistics are inconsistent & suggest a concern about engagement - but the SA hasnt engage in discussion of this (that might be some thing we can change but hasn’t happened so far and I have tried over and over)

I’d say there are maybe a dozen solid contributors?, 30 to 60 familiar names, some hundreds (000s?) of lurkers and a lot of abandoned/ imported & unused IDs.

The question I suggest is how much better would the support for stroke thrivers be if there was cooperative development inspired by those with understanding about challenges & empathy for those newly afflicted IE us & those with the tech?


I already know the answer to that from personal experience. It is why I chose to be here, and the only reason I continue to be here. And I would be more likely to recommend contributions to this particular charity, if this were expanded.