I have not had another stroke

I know this might sound stupid and might not even help but I find whenever I am sitting in an upright chair with feet planted on floor, I walk so much better than if I’ve been sitting on the couch for a while. But then I also walk better and move quicker after every stint at the gym too.

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Im not sure you can stop yourself regressing when you’re ill. Byt hopefully you bounce back a bit quucker than when you were initially going through the recovery stage. Many people report their stroke symptoms being much worsewhen they are ill.

I guess trying to do all you can to not catch anything in the first place is the best way to tackle it. If only it was that easy.

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I’ve been the same this week - hacking cough saps all my energy & other challenges come to the fore again.

Hang in there - it’s common and goes away as your get better :slight_smile:


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