I am just so unsure of everything

Hi @Stringyj
Hello and welcome.

Much of what needs to be said has been in the two posts above.

You might find 40 things to know: what would you underline add or delete


Welcome - what we wish we’d heard at the start

There are lots of posts from people travelling the same path as you on here.
Your best friend perhaps will be the magnifying glass to search for some of them. Because some have developed over time you’ll get a picture of the journey (which none of us can guarantee you but) most of us know improves over time. You might like to watch these three or four minutes of video from my wife and I..

Most important thing to say to you is to look after yourself as others have already said but importantly include not feeling guilty about when you need to take time out, reaching out for support wherever you can get it eg family friends local support groups & charities, stroke association helpline

Lea (wife/ @BakersBunny ) is trying to get a carers zoom cafe re-established on every other Friday see Quick reminder for today's carers cafe and equally you and or husband are welcome at the Thursday afternoon zoom I run see Thursday online ‘cafe’ (also Carers)

Stroke often (always?) comes out to the blue and completely alienate everyone concerned from everything that you have known - spouses get overlooked by the medical profession :frowning:

There are some important reasons to embrace physio in the first few weeks BUT that is when there is often the least spare capacity (spoons!) to deal with it.
might be wiser to give the priority to recovering from fatigue and sleeping - You probably won’t be told but to be optimum physiotherapy as recommended by national care guidelines is for minimum of 3 hours a day! Reality is often an hour a week of which only a third is actually survivor exercise or learning to repeat exercises and their own :frowning:

Keep on asking, celebrating, having a cathartic scream or rant etc when you need it. The more you read here the more you will be able to formulate and recovery strategy.