I am being evicted on June 22

Hello everyone, this is my first post. My name is Kieran, I suffered my stroke (Cerebral Infarction) on Christmas Day 2023 and remain completely numb on my right hand side, I also suffer with diplopia, double vision and I struggle with balance. My hearing is also affected with titinus as well as hypersensitivity to noise as well as fatigue and mood swings.

I rent privately and have had issues with my landlord regarding broken heating and severe mould in my bedroom.

He visited on April 16th, I thought it was about making repairs but quickly learnt it was about putting my rent up from £1600 per month to £1850 when my tenancy ran out on June 22.

When I said I wouldn’t be able to afford any rent increase, especially with all the problems I was issued with a section 21 notice for June 22.

So far I’ve not been able to get any support or help from the council (Southwark) and have only been able to get a telephone appointment for the 21st June.

I am really beginning to panic as its less than 2 weeks before I have to move out

What am I doing wrong to get help??

Welcome to the forum

The best person I know to help you is also called Kieran @kgb.

He’s currently in council provided emergency accommodation in Redbridge not very far from you really he’s also extremely clued up on contacting his MP, manipulating the system, etc etc

I’ll reach out to him on your behalf

We can chat about all the other stuff and other time…


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I gather Kieran was able to give you some food for thought.

Other places to try are citizens advice bureau and the stroke association helpline links to both there are in other posts just search with the magnifying glass above


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@WIZYWIG hi & welcome to the community. Sorry to hear you’ve had a stroke.

In relation to your housing problem it sounds from reading Simon’s reply that you may have had some help & advice on this already. Sadly councils don’t consider your need urgent until you’re homeless i think. Not good.

Many of your stroke effects are quite common and should improve over time. Hopefully you’ve been referred to the right specialities to get help with it all.

For the sensitive hearing I use loop earplugs which do help but I still get fatigue as a result of it.

Good luck in sorting your housing situation out.


Hi Simon, thanks for the reply, I spoke to Kieran and he has given me some good advice!

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thanks for the reply, yes they seem to only help once you’re homeless - which doesn’t really help with the blood pressure :pleading_face:

Yes, I use ear plugs when Im out and they help with the sound, not so much with trying to be sociable though


Hello Wizywig,

Sorry for your situation.
You may like to try local churches for their help or the Sally Army. At least they could get in contact with the council as you surely qualify for housing.
All the best.


Aye, but I believe they can’t allow you to become homeless. I think they are required by law to place you in temporary accommodation until they can find you something more permanent.



Section 21 (No fault eviction). Unpleasant and difficult to defend / oppose if the landlord follows the proper procedure.

However it’s important to know that the landlord cannot legally evict you without a court order. it doesn’t sound like this is at that stage yet, so you are very likely to have more time than you realise. (you don’t have to leave the property just on a ‘Notice Seeking Possession’

Shelter have some very useful information on their site (see link below) and offer free independent, impartial advice.

Law Centres also offer free expert housing advice and may offer court representation. I understand there is a local Law Centre in the Southwark District.

Best to gather all the information together and get full advice from one of the above ASAP

You could also try CAB.

Hope things turn out OK for you


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