How long does it take

I wonder how long does it take until we settle in to our new lives. And how much time passes.

My physical recovery was about four years, but was interupted by heart problems. But  i assume four or five years would be physical recovery.

Then there is the ageing process. I certainly aged a few years immediately after stroking. Maybe three years.

Finally there is the memory loss. Initially i thought my memory had been wiped for the three months before stroke. I keep diaries so i could look back to what i had forgotten. I now realize that memory has been deleted for at least one or two years.

These issues will start to hit the news when "long covid" becomes apparent.

New normal is a phrase i never heard before stroke. Now its being used. Why is it long covid, whereas post stroke doesnt even have a title.  Long stroke ?

so any suggestions. I was 68 when stroking started. Will i have aged ten years before i rejoin my trashed life ? Or twenty years or two years.

best wishes



Coin, I don't think we ever accept the new normal, we just live with it. I was 72 when the big stroke hit and am 77 now. It's hard to distinguish between the after effects of stroke and the ageing process. My hearing isn't as good now, my eyes are itchy and I have dry eye, but I plod on. I walk every day and still try to improve my gait. My weak arm and hand are more stable, but I still can't carry a tray or lift heavy things. I certainly can't sit on the floor and the brain has to accept doing things more slowly.

A doctor said on tv the other day that the mind still thinks it can do things that the ageing body can't. Heigh Ho....enjoy your Easter.

Thank you John.

I agree that ageing is easily confused with stroke recovery, or lack of it.

best wishes