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Hi I thought my story might be unusual but several doctors have recently done research on their patients who have had strokes, and in many cases have found that their patients had received bad shocks or been under severe stress just before an episode I had a TIA right after our car met another car driving at speed on the wrong side of the road, Suffice it to say I thought I was going to die. I had the stroke two days later Angry doesn’t-t cover it. which is not conducive to recovery I know. I lost the use of my left hand …after I had left the IC…my speech became slurred,… the left side of my mouth dropped ,as did my cheek awhile later My left eye wouldn’t close Those were the visible symptoms A lot of weird stuff went on inside, Later on I found I couldn’t-t balance very well… so no more golf …This was fifteen months ago,…I have regained a lot with exercises and suggested supplements but whats awful is the symptoms seem to play hide and seek with me. One day I can balance the next day not. ditto speaking properly my jaw will go stiff. My eyesight go off…etc etc Recovery it seems is not a straight line I cannot drink alcohol anymore not even a tiny glass of wine… not a great loss, but was socially important to me . I recently learned that the man who tried to kill me, almost did the same to a woman in our village ,and then went on to kill a young boy in a head on collision… He was a drug dealer who managed to escape the law. He-s taken a good chunk of my life…but I am determined that it stops here I will recover for my families sake as well as mine


@Sengo Hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry to read of the circumstances in which your stroke occurred & i’m not surprised you are angry about it. We aren’t able to undo what has been done so focussing on your recovery is really important. I was in a car accident in similar circumstances to yours (without the stroke although it could well have played a part given my stroke cause) so understand your feelings.

As you’ve come to realise recovery isn’t a straight line & is often a case of 2 steps forward 1 step back. Fatigue can play a part in how your symptoms appear & this could be causing some of the problems you are having…even 15 months on.

Hopefully you’ll find this forum a good place for advice & support.

Best wishes



…such is the nature of a stroke.
I have 2 or 3 unexplained symptoms of my own,
1 year after my stroke (26/42 on the severity scale)

6 months ago I used to think my recovery was 2 steps back, 1 forward.
Now I can see it must have been the other way around
My recovery expectation was set too high, I think.

How long did you have slurred speech for? Is it normal now?
Was your cerebellum affected by your TIA?

Anyway I wish you good luck with your continued recovery.
Ciao, Roland


Hi @Sengo just wanted to welcome you to the forum. Not the sort of club any of us would wish to join but we are happy to have you :smile:
You’ll find it a very supportive and helpful community with a wealth of fellow stroke survivor experiences. Look forward to having you around :smile:


@Sengo That driver is a terrible person and so sorry you had to go through this. Welcome to the community of well wishers and supporters. You say you had a TIA? it sounds like a full stroke? No?
Keep us posted on your progress and best of luck.


@Sengo I’ve found pretty much the same. Recovery doesn’t run in a linear fashion. It is sort of like a game of snakes and ladders, so if something has improved a lot you can’t really count on it being the same tomorrow. My walking improved massively in the first three months but now I’m six months in and I still get occasional wobbly days. My voice recovered a lot but I still get days when my vocal chords go all flimsy on me. You just have to keep working at it, try to build your strength and don’t let up. Good luck and best wishes.


Yes, it’s weird the way a voice can suddenly go all high, weak, and flimsy isn’t it.


@BobQ1 yes and I also get the stiff jaw feeling and very oddly a very dry mouth as if I’ve had too much garlic. That happens all the time and I have to work my mouth to produce saliva. I must look like a cow chewing the cud.


Ha-ha. Errr 2 pints please. I get the same dry mouth… Well not the same. Similar. As in yours is yours and mine is…Oh, I’m getting into trouble again. I’ll shut up.
P.S. Nice to meet you.


Hi Roland I actually have no idea if the cerebellum was affected I have had no medical follow up According to my family my speech was OK very soon after the TIA For me it sometimes sounds odd and I can-t get a word out properly…Thanks for kind thoughts

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Hi Outlander I live in a foreign country with a few different nationalities and medical experience in the Hospitals The doctor who saw me was very thorough did all the tests ,gave me the -stop the stroke medication etc bearing in mind I only had the slipped mouth when I went to ER Many symptoms came after IA left… It was when I went to my local hospital that doubt came in that it wasn’t-t a TIA … the old 24 hr rule… I fall somewhere in the middle… No severe symptoms… but slightly incapacitating ones so I wouldn’t-t call it a full stroke thanks for best wishes


Been advised to reply to all the posts at once so thanks for all your support and advice Sengo


Hi Sengo,

You can’t get a word out properly ?
I noted ( and this is common ) that my accent changed 1% after my stroke
Now, even my wife can hear it. Sometimes I get words back to front / sometimes I don’t articulate a word clearly enough. But my speech is 99% there ; good flow, thoughts have good focus

Is your concentration impaired? I guess your intermittent problems will become less and less frequent as your brain takes better control of the things that are a bit “out of whack”.
I hope you will settle soon, and really focus on moving on with your life.

Best wishes, Roland