Hope this would help more people in need

Hi @naughtie
I think Kieran has done all the hello stuff. So I’ll just repeat welcome and the more you interact the more support you’ll get :slight_smile:

The pneumatic glove is on Amazon etc (199£). Seaboe is even more !! but Amy at seaboe will help with set up and use (normally via zoom) - i didn’t find the seabo glove very helpfull

Bioliberty & others are developing next gen activated (pneumatics) - haven’t tried yet but I’m part of the group of guinea pigs - I’ll post when worth saying anything

I find laundry, light switches, door handles, cleaning teeth, showering, better ’ natural’ exercises. Taken me 3yrs so far

The absolutely crucial thing is that you match the exercises and recovery aids to the stage of your development so a glove when you are pre or post the right stage won’t help very much but it will frustrate. The GRASP manual (You need both hospital and home versions to get the full picture) gives a good foundation but only of the repetitive unnatural exercises not the natural knife and fork type things of daily living.

If your arm and hand doesn’t move then getting 5 mm of movement is your threshold. If you can raise your arm to your navel then your target is your chin If you can raise it to your chin then the target is behind your head then you can start brushing/combing your hair that demands compound movements which involve grip, wrist, elbow and shoulder and turning muscles off as well as on -that’s where my challenge really lies .
always strive for an extra few percent and if you achieve that every week or month then useful functionality won’t be that far away though the journey still has a frustratingly long way ahead