Hope after stroke

Hi @pcoogan1

Welcome to the community although I am sorry you have had cause to join us .

Yes there are many stories here of people who make sufficient progress on their journey post stroke to enjoy a fulfilling remainder of their life. Indeed they used to be some posts about how life post stroke with the realisation of how valuable it is was better than a pre-stroke although constrained in new ways .

while aimed at survivors rather than carers the Stroke welcome postis still relevant as are guidelines from Jill Taylor in 40 things to know: what would you underline add or delete

Search with the magnifying glass above youll find other relatives asked similar questions from both the time that you are in now through the subsequent months and thus you can see the journey that they took, fear and uncertainty at the beginning and the trials tribulations and victories as time progressed

Stroke recovery is men measured in months and years not days and weeks


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